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DHL adds 3 BYD electric vans to its delivery fleet

The logistics provider plans on going fully electric by 2050

Solar Transport and Automotive Resources' Mark Tieng turns over the BYD electric vans to DHL. PHOTO FROM BYD

The Philippines, like many developing countries, is lagging when it comes to  embracing vehicle electrification. In fact, we have still yet to see any initiative by the government to make electric vehicles accessible to more people. Plus, our charging infrastructure—or the lack of it—exacerbates the situation. Good thing the private sector, despite the lack of support, is doing its share to help lessen its carbon footprint while continuing to be mobile.

Deutsche Post DHL Group has started its DHL Express Philippines’ “Sustainability Road Map.” Here, the parent company is infusing over €7 billion in investments to reduce its carbon-dioxide emissions within the next 10 years. For this, it tapped the help of BYD. The local distributor of Build Your Dreams is one of the most aggressive companies to bring in EVs to the country. Its three T3 electric vans will be used by DHL in its delivery fleet.

The three BYD electric vehicles to be used by DHL. PHOTO FROM BYD

The T3 van can carry up to 3,500kg, with an estimated range of 250km. This is only one of the many EVs that BYD offers in the market today. There is also a seven-seater passenger van version of the T3. Then there’s the Dolphin, a five-door electric hatchback with 400km of range. The Tang seven-seater, which is the automaker’s flagship SUV, and the Han luxury sedan both have a range of 500km. And finally, there is the Song Plus, which is a hybrid SUV with a 60km range and a 1.5-liter engine that serves as a range extender.

DHL considers the addition of the T3 to its fleet as the first step in its plan toward achieving greener logistics. We may be behind other countries when it comes to vehicle electrification and the support for it, but hopefully, a move like this can help urge those in government to come up with programs to support the shift to a more sustainable means of mobility. Maybe it will also help push the EV bill to finally get signed.

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