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Auto China 2024: Nissan unveils country strategy with 4 concept cars

Automaker wants to widen its market reach

Nissan wants to offer flexibility to Chinese consumers. PHOTO FROM NISSAN

China is the world’s largest market for cars. Because of this, automakers naturally want to make a good impression among potential buyers in the country. Nissan’s strategy in making that happen is by catering to a variety of customer types. And it plans to make the visitors at Auto China 2024 take notice by displaying these concept cars.

We wouldn't mind if the next-gen Sentra were to be modeled after the Epoch Concept. PHOTO FROM NISSAN

Epoch Concept. This is an electric sedan targeted at young owners looking for a compact vehicle for use in cities. It is equipped with a virtual assistant that can apparently recognize emotions (and probably offer some encouraging words).

The Epic Concept isn't a bad-looking power bank on wheels. PHOTO FROM NISSAN

Epic Concept. Another battery-powered vehicle, this is geared toward buyers with an appetite for adventure. The car can function as a battery pack on wheels that can power anything from big speakers to camping equipment.

Nissan wants young CEOs to relax inside the Era Concept. PHOTO FROM NISSAN

Era Concept. Targeted at the luxury market, this plug-in hybrid SUV comes standard with air suspension and an improved version of Nissan’s Zero Gravity seats. The automaker says this car is ideal for businessmen on the move.

Passengers will appreciate the Evo Concept's rear legroom. PHOTO FROM NISSAN

Evo Concept. This plug-in hybrid sedan can be the best of both worlds in terms of practicality and ease of use. It’s large enough to carry families comfortably, and its electronic assistant should make driving less of a chore.

Nissan says it wants to focus on products engineered in China for Chinese consumers. It and its local partner Dongfeng are hopeful that such a strategy will be an effective one in terms of providing mobility solutions in the People’s Republic.

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