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The V12 lives on in the new Ferrari 12Cilindri

A gorgeous successor to the 812 Superfast

An electric Ferrari? Nope, thankfully. PHOTO FROM FERRARI

Every time I think of Ferrari’s naturally aspirated V12, I imagine an orchestra of violins and cellos playing in the background before the engine spiritedly revs to redline. That thought never fails to give me goosebumps.

The Prancing Horse continues to delight as the V12 legacy lives on in the new Ferrari 12Cilindri (spelled out as dodici-cilindri and pronounced as ‘dodi-chi chilin-dri’).

In the tradition of the F12 and the 812, this car has a fire-breathing 6.5-liter block with a dozen pistons hidden beneath a reverse-opening bonnet. The mid-front engine is bedded as far behind the front axle as possible, and housed in a beautifully executed retro-modern shell reminiscent of the Gran Turismo cars from Ferrari’s golden era.

The 12Cilindri looks like a combination of Ferrari's greatest hits. PHOTO FROM FERRARI

The front blackened strip strikes you with a 365 Daytona’s look which makes it an instant future classic (at least in my opinion). Its berlinetta proportions and contours are unmistakable Ferrari timeless design staples.

The rear continues the theme found at the front with a blackened upper portion housing the active aero bits. Finishing off the look are lightbar taillights similar to that of the Roma, and quad exhaust pipes.

Marrying the sleek body and the new aluminum chassis to the pavement are meticulously sculpted 21-inch forged aluminum wheels.

No fancy turbocharging here, just pure naturally aspirated horsepower. PHOTOS FROM FERRARI

For better cornering and road dynamics, the 12Cilindri comes with independent four-wheel steering, retuned suspension carried over from the 812, ABS Evo system, aspirated torque shaping, and SSC (Side Slip Control) 8.0.

Let’s get to the juicy figures. The 12Cilindri punches like a stallion on steroids with 819hp and 678Nm of torque, easily sending it from a standstill to 100km/h in just 2.9 seconds.

It now revs a bit quicker to a glorious 9,500rpm thanks to lighter titanium con rods and aluminum alloy pistons.

A snappy eight-speed dual-clutch gearbox (one more gear than the 812) is responsible for channeling all that power to the ground with improved efficiency. A 0-200km/h sprint clocks in at 7.9 seconds, and top speed is claimed to be 340km/h.

It's a modern Ferrari cockpit, as you've come to expect. PHOTOS FROM FERRARI

The berlinetta’s cockpit is definitely on the futuristic side with purely digital displays, instrumentation that mimics the car’s stablemates, and Ferrari’s latest steering wheel design equipped with a capacitive switch push-start located below the center emblem.

Luxury and comfort are spelled out with the finest leather alongside carbon-fiber and aluminum components.

For those who prefer to get a more prominent receding hairline, a spider version is also available. The folding hardtop tucks into the rear in a short 10.9 seconds.

The spider version is there for those who want to hear that 12-cylinder orchestra under the hood. PHOTOS FROM FERRARI

It’s good to know this boasts a 270L trunk that is big enough for a golf bag or luggage for a weekend getaway with your partner. Taking this GT out of town is made easier with the marque’s latest driving-assist features, but don’t let your guard down for road imperfections.

With the 12Cilindri’s unveiling in Vice City just right before the 2024 Miami Grand Prix,  I’m pretty sure we can count on the local distributor (Velocità Motors) to bring it to our shores in the near future.

Without a doubt, Filipino Ferraristi are already anticipating the arrival of the 12Cilindri. And so are we.

Manskee Nascimento

Manskee is a music-loving petrolhead who specializes in car care. He finds peace in long drives to and from his home in La Union.