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Nissan wants to launch 30 vehicles by 2026

Courtesy of the newly minted ‘The Arc’ business plan

Nissan's 'The Arc' business plan has it going on an all-out offensive. SCREENSHOT FROM NISSAN

Nissan’s Ambition 2030 is a long-term initiative for the company’s plans to go carbon-neutral, with a huge focus on electrification. But to help narrow and ground this vision, the Yokohama-based automaker has created a new business plan called “The Arc.”

This plan has a focus on launching 30 new models by fiscal year 2026, where 16 of them will be electrified, and the remaining 14 are ICE models. In fact, the automaker has a video where it teases at least 25 future models.

We only count 25, but we're sure the automaker has more hidden up its sleeves. SCREENSHOTS FROM NISSAN

Look closely and one resembles the Concept 20-23 a few months back, alongside the Ariya’s DRL signatures. You can also spot the all-new Kicks and Infiniti QX80 among the fleet of vehicles. Keen-eyed viewers may even notice a pair of circular taillights and a van silhouette, resembling the concepts the automaker showed off at last year’s Japan Mobility Show.

Some notable market actions by FY2026 include launching:

  • Seven all-new models for North America, including the launch of e-Power and PHEV models
  • Eight new-energy vehicles in China
  • Five all-new models in Japan
  • Six all-new models for Europe
  • Five all-new SUVs for the Middle East
  • Three all-new models for India (which will become an export hub)
  • One 1-ton pickup and one C-segment crossover EV for Oceania
  • Two new SUVs with one A-segment ICE vehicle for Africa
New tech and factories will help bolster the push for these new cars. PHOTOS FROM NISSAN

Nissan wants to reduce the cost of next-generation EVs by 30% (compared to the current Ariya), where it will utilize approaches like the Intelligent Factory Concept that reduces production time and adopts modular manufacturing and family development (parts-sharing).

New technologies such as enhanced NCM (nickel, cobalt, manganese) and LFP (lithium ferrophosphate) batteries, and next-generation ProPilot driver-assistance systems will be making their way to new vehicles. Meanwhile, new EVs with enhanced NCM, LFP, and all-solid-state batteries will be seen by FY2028.

Apart from this, the brand will also leverage its alliance with Renault and Mitsubishi in several countries to help meet the needs of those specific countries. The future for Nissan looks certainly exciting, don’t you think?

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