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You can now relive one of Toyota’s legendary race cars on ‘Gran Turismo 7’

Update 1.44 also brings in two Volkswagen products


It’s another month for Gran Turismo 7 players to expect new cars and changes as Update 1.44 was released earlier this week. This time, one of them is an icon from past games returning to take on Le Mans in up to 4K resolution.

Real ‘Gran Turismo’ fans know that the Esso branding reappears on the GT-One after being absent since the fourth game. SCREENSHOTS FROM GRAN TURISMO

The Toyota GT-One (or TS020) is one of the brand’s most iconic racers despite never winning the 24 Hours of Le Mans. Its outings in 1998 and 1999 resulted in two entrants retiring due to mechanical failure, and one all-Japanese team finishing the race (second in its latter and final year).

Take a trip down to GT Auto, and you'll be greeted with custom parts like a skid plate and an extra pair of front lights. SCREENSHOTS FROM GRAN TURISMO

On the more contemporary side, the Lamborghini Urus makes its debut in the GT roster. Debuted in late 2017, the Italian brand’s first crossover SUV packs a 4.0-liter twin-turbocharged V8 engine producing 641hp and 850Nm, a perfect fit for a cruise around the Sardegna dirt track.

It's the end of the road for Audi's V10. SCREENSHOTS FROM GRAN TURISMO

The second-generation Audi R8 finally appears in road-going form after its two GT3 versions, the LMS and the LMS Evo, were included in the base game. The last iteration of Audi’s halo car screams from the 5.2-liter naturally aspirated V10 engine (601hp and 560Nm) that is now extinct after the very last model rolled off the Heilbronn production line last March 22.

You can say that they breeze through Le Mans 'like the wind'. SCREENSHOTS FROM GRAN TURISMO

Other additions to the game include new racing leagues—such as the World Touring Car 900 at Circuit de la Sarthe in line with the GT-One’s inclusion—and new Scapes locations from Fukushima, showcasing its beautiful landscape after recovering from the 2011 Tohoku earthquake.

Gran Turismo has recently collaborated with the anime racing series Highspeed Étoile (set to air on April 6), and a sticker pack of the show’s logos and characters has also been included in the preset decals.

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