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These are the rest of Nissan’s concepts for 2023 Japan Mobility Show

Say hello to Hyper Adventure, Hyper Tourer, and Hyper Punk

We’ve already reported on a Nissan concept vehicle for this week’s Japan Mobility Show. Now, the automaker has followed up with three more advanced EV concepts to keep an eye out for.

The Hyper Adventure looks like it's meant for the next Ridley Scott sci-fi flick, set on jagged Martian terrain. IMAGES FROM NISSAN

The first vehicle is the Hyper Adventure concept. The company isn’t just known for iconic sports cars, they are one of the biggest names for building legit off-roaders. No need for a history lesson here.

The brand puts all its 4×4 know-how in a bowl with a huge dash of eco-conscious engineering and design to cook up a futuristic electric machine.

A robust yet sleek body is accentuated with diagonal lines on its panels, and stands tall on large all-terrain radials. The wheels and the front and rear bumpers are equipped with crampons (or snow traction gears), allowing the vehicle to plow through snow with ease. Nissan’s advanced e-4orce all-wheel-drive control system ensures the Hyper Adventure can go anywhere in a smooth, effortless fashion.

The futuristic cockpit spells spacious functionality and style, designed to make driving a breeze under all conditions. IMAGES FROM NISSAN

The instrument panel is integrated into the base of the windshield, acting as a screen giving a wider field of view and making the vehicle’s body somewhat transparent. Aside from providing room for camping and other outdoor gear, the rear bench seat can rotate at 180°, enabling occupants to face outward from the open rear hatch and appreciate the view.

At the heart of the Hyper Adventure is a large-capacity battery ready to go the distance while providing power for a campsite and even recharging electric recreational vehicles. Apart from V2X (vehicle-to-everything) energy sharing, the off-roader is V2G-ready (vehicle-to-grid), contributing energy to communities.

The Hyper Tourer embodies futuristic elegance, comfort, and style. IMAGES FROM NISSAN

Next is the Hyper Tourer, which will be an actual physical display. It’s an EV concept designed for those who enjoy the finer things in life while nurturing the bond among people when they travel together. It marries the idea of a luxurious living room with the convenience of an ultra-premium minivan.

The exterior is mainly comprised of large, fluidic panels accentuated by sharp lines—features that resemble traditional Japanese aesthetics while delivering great aerodynamics. The body’s white waistline serves as a headlight and a signature lamp. This sleek EV stands on kumiko-patterned wheels that look very premium and complement the overall appearance.

Thanks to fully autonomous driving tech, this vehicle can allow the driver to completely engage with onboard occupants. Front seats are able to swivel 360°, which brings front occupants face-to-face with passengers in the back.

Artificial intelligence can adjust the lighting to fit one's mood and even play music to match. How neat is that? IMAGES FROM NISSAN

Rear passengers can put on a wearable display giving visual access and control over the front infotainment display. In addition, the onboard AI can monitor biometrics such as heart rate, perspiration, breathing, and even brainwave activity.

An overhead console and lighting showcase kumiko and koushi patterns, giving a strong sense of luxury. To create zen wherein nature and digital properties are combined, the flat LED floor panel mimics imagery of the sky and a riverbed.

Interior space is optimized courtesy of Nissan EV Technology Vision. Components and the vehicle’s all-solid-state batteries are intelligently laid out, and the weight is situated as low as possible resulting in a serene environment, an impressive range, and a silky smooth ride.

Thanks to the advanced e-4orce all-wheel control system, the Hyper Tourer produces linear acceleration and deceleration. Of course, no Nissan EV concept would be complete without V2X and V2G functionalities.

You could say this vehicle's design is very cyberpunk-inspired. IMAGES FROM NISSAN

Nissan’s final advanced EV concept is dubbed the Hyper Punk, and is aimed at creatives and artists. By far, it’s the most out-of-this-world of all concepts being showcased at the event.

The Hyper Punk design reflects a very bold, standout character. One that reflects an artist’s persona and individuality. The advanced connectivity tech at its core focuses on self-expression, a key feature of this EV.

The polygonal-inspired exterior finished in tone-shifting silver paint—standing on huge 23-inch wheels—is just the start. The interior is where the Hyper Punk gets more serious by creating an atmosphere conducive to what creators do best.

Creators will feel experimental inside the Hyper Punk's radical cabin. IMAGES FROM NISSAN

Intended as a creative studio on wheels, the interior enables occupants with seamless Internet connectivity, linking devices and creative equipment so one can create while on the move.

Headrest biosensors and AI further enhance the user’s creative energy by setting the mood with the ideal music and ambience. Furthermore, V2X not only powers up devices but also supplies energy for collaborators and events related to one’s passion.

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