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These are some of Toyota’s concept cars at 2023 Japan Mobility Show

The future will no longer be about basic transportation

Toyota's concept cars will adapt to the wants and needs of the owner. IMAGE FROM TOYOTA

It’s not really easy to understand the meaning of Toyota’s theme for the upcoming 2023 Japan Mobility Show. Encouraging guests to “find their future” can mean a lot of things. But that particular subject is now a little clearer with the automaker’s announcement of some of the vehicles that will be gracing its booth.

The FT-3e promises to be a flexible mobility tool. IMAGE FROM TOYOTA

The first one is the FT-3e concept crossover. Aside from being electric, this car will supposedly offer “personalized experiences” to its owners. We gather that this has something to do with Toyota’s connected cars project. But what we’re really looking forward to seeing in action is the FT-3e’s side-mounted displays.

The electric FT-Se could be the basis for an eco-friendly supercar. IMAGES FROM TOYOTA

On the other hand, the FT-Se is geared toward the enthusiast crowd. Toyota is keen on funneling all the expertise of its Gazoo Racing division into this high-performance concept EV. The company even proudly boasted that the car would be equipped with knee pads to protect the occupants from massive g-forces.

Of course, these futuristic vehicles will surely have some sidekicks at Toyota’s booth. Watch this space for more updates about the company’s exhibit.

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