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Nissan set to showcase Hyper Urban concept at 2023 Japan Mobility Show

The first of 4 concept cars to be revealed

The Hyper Urban will be present in the metal for showgoers to see. IMAGE FROM NISSAN

All roads lead to the 2023 Japan Mobility Show in Tokyo this month. In line with that, Nissan prepares an exciting showcase of its latest concept cars—one of which is the Hyper Urban electric vehicle.

With a sleek aesthetic and features focused on sophisticated suburban and urban professionals who highly value environmental preservation, the Hyper Urban embodies the brand’s dedication to sustainability and innovations in the EV realm. The concept is designed to impress discerning tastes while cohesively matching the environment where it belongs.

This funky-looking EV aims to be a great long-term value proposition. IMAGES FROM NISSAN

One of the Hyper Urban’s highlights is its V2H (vehicle-to-home) technology, turning this state-of-the-art ride into a powerplant for one’s home, dramatically cutting back on external electric consumption. In addition, its V2G (vehicle-to-grid) function allows owners to contribute energy to the grid and local communities where it’s needed, and get paid for it.

The Hyper Urban puts artificial intelligence to good use by autonomously providing power to buildings and other EVs with its Intelligent Charging Management System. Talk about a smart EV.

Nissan wants owners to relax and unwind in this EV. IMAGES FROM NISSAN

Embracing the whole idea of sustainability, the Hyper Urban satisfies the desire for long-term, value-conscious ownership. Nissan will continuously provide hardware and software updates keeping the user experience fresh and evolving.

With all that substance comes first-rate design, ergonomics, and comfort amenities fit for the most sophisticated owner. The cool lime yellow exterior is complemented by changing chromatic expressions depending on external lighting, drawing attention toward the vehicle while tastefully blending in with the surroundings. Finishing the overall look is a set of sharp-looking geometric wheels wrapped in wide tires.

Do you want future Nissan vehicles to resemble this concept? IMAGE FROM NISSAN

The spacious and plush kaleidoscope-inspired interior represents the essence of near-future living, showcasing design that blends with modern living spaces. Depending on the owner’s mood and taste, the instrument panel and the display can be customized to his or her liking.

Our favorite aspect of the cabin is how the front seats can fully collapse and fold into the rear seats, creating a relaxing lounge space where occupants can put up their feet and unwind. You can even park it inside your home or apartment, and integrate it with the existing living spaces within. How cool is that?

Stay tuned as we will update all of you with more details and images when we visit the Nissan display at the much-anticipated Japan Mobility Show in a few weeks.

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