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BMW honors, pokes fun at outgoing Mercedes-Benz boss Dieter Zetsche

You have to watch this video to appreciate the friendly ribbing

Warning: You might want to go straight to the video at the bottom to avoid any spoilers. SCREENSHOT FROM BMW

Daimler chairman and Mercedes-Benz head Dieter Zetsche has just retired as boss of the German automotive firm after 13 years at the helm. His career started back in 1976 and saw the engineer climb the corporate ladder until he reached the top rung in 2006. And now that he is driving off into the sunset, rival BMW is wasting no time in taking a respectful dig at the 66-year-old executive, who is as famous for his business achievements as he is for his signature mustache.

In a video that is both a serious tribute and a playful joke, BMW bids farewell to the man who has expertly steered its main competitor for more than a decade. The twist, of course, is at the ending, where Zetsche is shown taking out a BMW i8 hybrid roadster for a drive after being dropped off by his Mercedes-Benz company car for the last time (watch the video after the article).

Imagine the corporate scandal if this were true. SCREENSHOTS FROM BMW

Zetsche will be succeeded at Daimler by Ola Källenius, who is moving up from his role as head of development at Mercedes-Benz. Ahead of him lies the monumental task of leading the carmaker through the electrification of its product line—not to mention an ever-changing transport landscape.

Dieter Zetsche retires

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