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Subaru to end production of the Legacy in 2025

Likely driven by decreasing demand for sedans

It will soon be the end of the line for the Subaru Legacy. PHOTO FROM SUBARU

Demand for crossovers these days is so great that automakers don’t even want to bother with creating new sedans anymore. The Mazda 6 is a recent victim of this shift in priorities. Sadly, another company that is adopting such a move is Subaru as it will end production of the Legacy in 2025.

The car debuted in 1989 to compete with the likes of the Toyota Camry and the Ford Taurus. Over the years, it has enjoyed healthy sales numbers especially in Australia and the United States. It was also Subaru’s weapon of choice early in its works WRC programbeing piloted by Ari Vatanen and a young Colin McRae.

Throughout its seven generations spanning almost four decades, the Legacy has been available with Subaru’s patented all-wheel drive system. It was even offered as a wagon in some markets, and was equipped with various iterations of the brand’s four- and six-cylinder boxer engines.

Subaru started taking WRC seriously with the first-generation Legacy. PHOTO FROM SUBARU

But just like a lot of cars in its segment, the Legacy has steadily fallen victim to the rise of the crossover. In fact, the seventh-generation model is sold in the US and Canada only because demand no longer exists anywhere else. This is highly likely one key factor in Subaru’s decision to call it quits.

The company’s Lafayette, Indiana, plant will end serial production of the Legacy in the spring of 2025. This will spell the ultimate death of the nameplate unless plans are already in place to resurrect it in the future. However, its spirit will continue to live on in the popular Outback range of lifted station wagons.

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