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These cars driven by Colin McRae are up for grabs

Cared for by the late rally driver’s family

Colin McRae tamed all three of these rally beasts. PHOTO FROM SILVERSTONE AUCTIONS

One of the names that will always be synonymous with rally racing is Colin McRae. He was known for his flamboyant driving style and never-give-up attitude—sometimes flying through special stages in cars that are close to becoming total wrecks. McRae had 25 victories and a single championship in his WRC career, which saw him compete against the likes of Tommi Mäkinen, Marcus Gronholm, Petter Solberg, and Carlos Sainz Sr. (the father of that Carlos Sainz).

Unfortunately, the Scotsman perished in a helicopter crash in 2007. His memory is celebrated with vehicles, motorsport events, and video games bearing his name. But for those that still want more of that McRae magic, these three machines piloted by the rally champ himself might be something they’d be interested in.

This Sunbeam Ti started McRae's long and successful career in rallying. PHOTOS FROM SILVERSTONE AUCTIONS

The Chrysler Sunbeam Ti (called the Talbot Sunbeam Ti in later years) is the hot version of the regular Sunbeam commuter car. Its twin-carb 1.6-liter engine drove the rear wheels, making it ideal for motorsport applications. This particular Sunbeam Ti was the first rally car that McRae purchased with his own money in late 1985.

Not surprisingly, the Sunbeam faced a very hard life in the hands of its very keen owner. In the late 2000s, McRae and family mechanic Barry Lochhead restored the car to its specs in the 1986 Scottish Rally Championship, the former’s first full season of rallying. More information can be found in this listing.

McRae dominated the 1992 British Rally Championship with this Legacy. PHOTOS FROM SILVERSTONE AUCTIONS

It may not look like it these days, but Subaru was once a powerhouse in rallying. In 1995, McRae won his one and only championship driving an Impreza sporting the famous blue-and-gold 555 Lights livery. But his career with the Japanese automaker started back in 1991 when he turned professional.

At the time, the company’s weapon of choice was the Legacy. The vehicle you see here was built by specialist Prodrive in 1992 to contest that year’s British Rally Championship. McRae and co-driver Derek Ringer dominated that season by winning every single one of the six events. The car was restored 15 years ago, and has had very little use since. You can read more about it here.

This might be one of the fastest Escort MkII rally cars ever built. PHOTOS FROM SILVERSTONE AUCTIONS

McRae had a soft spot for the Ford Escort MkII. It was one of the best rally cars around during his youth, and he had been thinking about building a special one that suited his needs. In 2002, the project began with the installation of an independent rear suspension system. But because this was Colin McRae, the modifications went beyond that.

This beefed-up Escort had a 2.5-liter engine cranking out 330hp—more than enough grunt to satisfy his need for sideways shenanigans. A host of other upgrades meant that this 930kg machine made quick work of every forest stage it went to. It was also the last rally car that McRae would ever acquire. Click here for more details about this unique vehicle.

All three cars have been under the meticulous care of the McRae family, so it goes without saying that interested parties should expect to pay top dollar for any of them. Silverstone Auctions will be hosting the live bidding starting on August 26.

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