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Sulong is here to move Filipinos forward

The local brand’s electric motorcycle costs P79,000

The word 'Sulong' means 'to move forward' in Filipino. PHOTO FROM POPCYCLE

The future of motorized transport is electric, especially for two-wheelers. Sulong is a local EV brand by Popcycle, and its first model, the Pop, is now available for P79,000.

This electric motorcycle is propelled by a 1.5kW motor. It rolls on 12-inch wheels, with a top speed of up to 70km/h in Sport mode (45km/h in Eco mode) and a range of up to 85km in Eco mode (70km in Sport mode).

The Pop is named after Sulong's distributor. PHOTO FROM POPCYCLE

A full charge will take as long as seven hours with the 72V, 30Ah lithium iron phosphate battery. The Sulong Pop weighs 74kg with the battery, and is capable of seating up to two people.

Based on these specs, it falls under the category of an L3 EV according to the Land Transportation Office. Thus, a license and a registration will be necessary.

Which color would you choose? PHOTOS FROM POPCYCLE

Looking at the local EV industry, it is dominated by Chinese companies such as NWOW and Hatasu, which are known for being cheap more than anything else.

While Sulong’s products are manufactured in China (as with most products), they are locally designed by Popcycle to be practical, reliable, and stylish—at a reasonable price for Filipinos.

According to Sulong founder and CEO Angelo Lacson, the mobility company has more in store as there are plans to release a variety of two-wheeled EVs, including a pedal-assist bicycle.

If you’d like to see the Sulong Pop in the metal, you can visit Popcycle’s store at Venice Grand Canal in Taguig.

Leandro Mangubat

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