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Petron fuel stations will have this new, minimalist look

Do you like it?

You gotta admit: This looks nice. PHOTO BY VERNON B. SARNE

Last week, while sitting in traffic on Ortigas Avenue near the Greenhills commercial area, we saw a new Petron fuel station. We snapped a photo of it because, well, it looked different. It had a minimalist exterior that was easy on the eye. The verdict, however, was divided among our readers when we shared the picture on our Facebook page.

So, we went back over the weekend to take more photos.

The minimalist design is touted to reduce 'risks and damages' during a disaster. PHOTOS BY VERNON B. SARNE

Apparently, this design had been announced by Petron as early as August 2022. According to the oil company back then:

A growing number of our new stations have now adopted a more resilient design, featuring a modular and panelized construction system. With an industrial and minimalist exterior, this provides us with a more efficient and greener way to construct new stations.

Now, a number of readers were critical about the “lack of shelter” for when it rains. There’s logic in the design, Petron explains:

The new signage and framing design promote safety by minimizing risks and damages to the station during typhoons and other calamities.

We see chic coffee shops, restaurants, and stores here. PHOTO BY VERNON B. SARNE

So, do these pictures change your assessment of the new Petron fuel-station aesthetics?

Vernon B. Sarne

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