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Auto China 2024: Mazda gives us a glimpse of its electrified offerings

On display are one battery-electric executive sedan and a BEV concept crossover

This is what a Mazda 6 from the future looks like. PHOTO BY SAM SURLA

The MX-30 electric subcompact crossover was Mazda’s first full-electric vehicle. After its launch in 2019 and eventual sales in 2020, the Hiroshima-based carmaker has yet to unveil a follow-up.

Since then, different carmakers have been launching EVs left and right. And while the Japanese company seems to want to cling to the internal-combustion engine for as long as it can, it unveiled two new-energy vehicles at Auto China 2024.

The EZ-6 looks futuristic, but still sleek and sexy. PHOTOS FROM MAZDA

First is the EZ-6, a battery-electric midsize sedan. From the name, the silhouette, and the dimensions (4,921mm long, 1,890mm wide, and 1,485mm tall), this seems to be the spiritual successor of the 6.

The car may be codeveloped with Chongqing Changan Automobile, but it is very much a Mazda through and through. This is evident with the tasteful curves and creases all around the bodywork.

The EZ-6 looks like a proper Mazda. PHOTOS FROM MAZDA

It has a new fascia featuring a wider grille design that has extended openings around the lit trim. When viewed from the sides, you see a silhouette of a sexy fastback.

The rear end features a lightbar that stretches from one taillamp cluster to another. Right smack in the middle is a spelled-out “Mazda” badge instead of the conventional “wing” badging.

This unconventional but still sensual design is an evolution of the carmaker’s Kodo (Soul of Motion) ethos.

The interior looks futuristic yet familiar. PHOTOS FROM MAZDA

Step inside and you’ll find a huge infotainment screen front and center. Though very futuristic, everything in the interior is what you’d expect from a Mazda. From the looks of it, fit and build quality still seem to be top-notch.

Powertrain options include a plug-in hybrid and a full-electric system. The BEV is expected to have a driving range of up to 600km on a single charge. The PHEV version, on the other hand, has 400km more, as it has a range of up to 1,000km on a full tank of fuel.

New energy, same zoom-zooming jinba-ittai goodness. PHOTO FROM MAZDA

Despite the new-energy drivetrain, Mazda promises that jinba ittai is well and alive in this car. Proving this is the 50:50 weight distribution for the BEV model. The suspension will feature a front strut and a rear multilink system. For stability at speed, an electric-powered rear spoiler is there for additional downforce when needed.

On top of that, the EZ-6 is expected to feature the latest of Mazda’s advanced driver-assist systems like accident mitigation and an intelligent parking technology that can be controlled by voice, even if the driver is outside the vehicle.

Furthermore, voice, touch, and gesture controls will help you tinker with the various vehicle functions and settings.

Sadly, the EZ-6 is a China-only model. PHOTOS BY SAM SURLA

Sadly, the EZ-6 will be a China-only model. Well, unless Mazda changes its mind about it. Hopefully, this won’t be another forbidden fruit reserved for other markets.

Also, Mazda unveiled the Arata concept. This electrified crossover looks very similar to current Mazdas, only modernized.

We dig the Arata’s looks. PHOTOS BY SAM SURLA

A curved lightbar replaces the chrome trim on the vehicle’s signature wing grille. The sides’ thick doors and three-dimensional look emphasize the four wheels and tires.

The back has cross-wing rear combination lamps, mimicking the look of two wings overlapping each other. In the center is a spelled-out “Mazda” badge that is lit.

Hopefully, most of the styling elements make it to the production model. PHOTOS FROM MAZDA

No powertrain specifications or feature lists were provided. But we’re digging the crossover’s futuristic yet sleek and sexy look.

This has to be the brand’s boldest EV push yet. And with what we’re seeing now, we can’t help but be excited about Mazda’s future offerings.

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