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Take a look at Charles Leclerc’s pretty pooch

Meet Leo Leclerc Saint Mleux

Charles Leclerc is a Ferrari Formula 1 driver and now a new fur parent. PHOTO FROM CHARLES LECLERC

If you couldn’t tell, we’re big fans of Formula 1. We love the racing and all the drama it entails on and off the track, especially with the drivers. In today’s social media age, we also get a (curated) peek behind what goes on in their daily lives.

A few posts that stood out in particular are from Scuderia Ferrari driver Charles Leclerc and his latest addition to his family: a long-haired doxie (or hakdog for Filipinos) pup that goes by the name of Leo Leclerc Saint Mleux.

According to an Instagram post, he got Leo last April 16 and has fallen in love with him ever since. For those curious about his extravagantly long name, it’s actually taken from the last name of Charles’s girlfriend, Alexandra Saint Mleux. And if you’re wondering, Charles actually does have time to act as a fur parent during his downtime, with his girlfriend watching over Leo during races.

Take a look at Leo below. Do you think he’s more adorable than Roscoe Hamilton?


Sam Surla

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