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Mazda to preview a new concept car at 2023 Japan Mobility Show

Could this be the next-generation NE MX-5?

This will be the very first time we could see the Vision Study concept in the metal. PHOTO FROM MAZDA

More automakers are revealing the displays of their booths for the 2023 Japan Mobility Show, and Mazda wants showgoers to know that its booth will have a very heavy emphasis on the MX-5.

The highlight of its booth is a new concept car. The teaser photo shown off is extremely reminiscent of the Vision Study concept previewed in 2022. It’s easy to put two and two together, and guess that this concept will be a preview of the next-generation NE MX-5.

The latest refresh to the ND MX-5 is a substantial one. PHOTOS FROM MAZDA

Also sharing the space will be the heavily updated “ND3” MX-5, which introduces a swath of changes.

The exterior sees revamped LED headlights and taillights, new 17-inch wheels, and an Aero Gray finish. Tech updates include an 8.8-inch infotainment screen with the new Mazda Connect interface, and the addition of Mazda Radar Cruise Control and rear Smart Brake Support to its driver-assistance systems.

Finally, it also gets an asymmetric limited-slip differential, a track mode for the stability control system, and retuned electric power steering for improved handling.

Mazda is going all-in with the MX-5-themed booth for this year's Japan Mobility Show. PHOTO FROM MAZDA

Apart from the latest MX-5, there will be a whole variety of models on display including an NA MX-5, a two-thirds scale model that will allow children to experience a simulated driving experience, and a Self-empowerment Driving Vehicle (SeDV) MX-5 that can be controlled using only the hands of a driver.

For now, we can only wait until October 25 before we finally see what Mazda has on display. Seeing how previous exhibits such as the Kai Concept shown off in the 2017 Tokyo Motor Show turned out to be the current Mazda 3, we can only hope that this will truly be our first peek at the next-generation roadster.

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