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Suzuki to showcase next-generation Swift at 2023 Japan Mobility Show

Other future cars and motorcycles await the show’s visitors

Suzuki will give us a sneak peek of the all-new Swift. PHOTO FROM SUZUKI

For a lot of us, it’s the most wonderful time of the year. And no, we’re not talking about the same reason Jose Mari Chan is all over the place. During this time of the year, suckers for mobility are eagerly waiting for the biennial Japan Mobility Show (formerly Tokyo Motor Show).

We’ve already shared with you what Nissan, Isuzu, UD, Honda, and Mitsubishi have been cooking for the event. And now, we’ll talk about what Suzuki has planned.

First up, the Japanese automaker will be showcasing a motorized wheelchair, specified small motorized bicycles, and a last-mile delivery robot.

Expect to see a lot of mobility tools at Suzuki’s booth. PHOTOS FROM SUZUKI

Then, the company will also have electric motorcycles like the e-PO foldable electric moped. This foldable e-bike has three ride modes that include pedal, assisted, and fully electric. Suzuki will also be offering electrified versions of its scooters.

Do you fancy riding electric folding bikes? PHOTO FROM SUZUKI

The e-Choinori, for one, has been electrified. The old 50cc version was popular for use as a close-distance transportation tool. In fact, we have gray-import samples roaming around city streets and provincial roads. The e-Choinori will use Panasonic Cycle Technology powertrain units and will look a lot like the ones launched back in 2003.

The e-Choinori is a modernized electrified version of the cute small scooter. PHOTO FROM SUZUKI

There are also two versions of the popular Burgman scooter. First is an electric scooter prototype. The performance of the e-Burgman is touted to rival that of the model’s 125cc version. What’s exciting is Suzuki’s plan to use swappable batteries, which can help ease the range anxiety of future adopters.

Electrified and hydrogen-powered scooters will also be on display. PHOTOS FROM SUZUKI

Finally, there’s a Hydrogen Engine Burgman display. Based on the Burgman 400 ABS, this test model has a modified engine that uses hydrogen and comes equipped with a 70MPa tank.

These alternative vehicles show Suzuki’s resolve to bring carbon-neutral motorcycles and scooters in the future.

Does this electrified kei van look familiar? PHOTO FROM SUZUKI

In the area of cars, Suzuki’s Every kei van has been developed jointly with Daihatsu and Toyota. More than being an environment-friendly battery-electric commercial vehicle, this could also supply electricity during emergencies.

There are also all-new EV models like the eVX four-wheel-drive crossover and the eWX kei van. These new models boast new electrified technologies that the brand has been working on, and plans to offer in the future. While these vehicles could very well be the future for the brand, Suzuki has not totally abandoned fossil fuel-burning vehicles.

Suzuki will be showing off its latest EV concepts. PHOTOS FROM SUZUKI

It is displaying the Spacia Concept and the Spacia Custom Concept. Basically, this is the upcoming version of the Spacia kei van, but the automaker has made two versions. The Spacia Concept is for the adventurous ones, while the Spacia Custom Concept is for those who dig a stylish small van.

A funky or fancy Spacia—which one do you prefer? PHOTOS FROM SUZUKI

But the most important model, of course, is the Suzuki Swift Concept. A preview of the all-new model of the popular car, this features a bold, mature look.

It will also come loaded with advanced safety technologies like collision mitigation braking, an adaptive high-beam system, and a driver monitoring system. As with the previous Swifts, we can expect the new one to be a practical yet fun-to-drive hatchback.

Who’s excited for the all-new Swift? PHOTO FROM SUZUKI

The Japan Mobility Show will surely be an exciting one, not just for Suzuki fans, but for those who love Japanese cars in general. Expect us to keep you up to date with the latest at the mobility event. But if you want to visit the show, it will be open to the public from October 26 to November 5.

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