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Auto China 2024: The Mercedes-Benz G-Class has gone electric

And it looks nearly exactly the same as before

It’s finally here, but it’s not called the EQG for some reason. PHOTO FROM MERCEDES-BENZ

Nothing screams “badass movie villain vehicle” quite like a Mercedes-Benz G-Class. With its vicious-sounding biturbo V8 and cult status off-road performance, it should come as no surprise why you’d find one in a garage filled with supercars.

After 45 years of its existence, the inevitable has come. Mercedes-Benz has just revealed the all-new electric G-Class at Auto China 2024. Dubbed the G580 with EQ technology, it is powered by a high-voltage 116kWh lithium-ion battery housed in the ladder frame.

Can you tell the minor exterior changes? PHOTOS FROM MERCEDES-BENZ

With a range of up to 473km, the all-new G-Class is propelled by four individually controlled motors integrated into the ladder frame (one for each wheel hub). A total power output of 580hp and a whopping 1,164Nm of torque give the G580 the ability to take on anything it comes across.

Some very cool innovations come with the all-electric powertrain such as G-Turn that allows the vehicle to perform a full 360° turn while stationary. It’s also equipped with G-Steering that greatly reduces steering radius, and an intelligent off-road crawl function.

In addition, the sophisticated system generates virtual differential locks through torque vectoring. Features that will surely come in handy off the beaten path.

Mercedes-Benz didn’t just put in an EV powertrain and call it a day, thankfully. PHOTOS FROM MERCEDES-BENZ

The G580 also comes with G-Class standard features like a selectable low-range off-road gear reduction system. Just like the internal-combustion model, it sits on an independent front suspension and a rigid axle at the rear.

For added durability and peace of mind, underbody protection made from carbon and other unique materials safeguards the battery from impacts.

From the driver’s seat, a new Off-Road Cockpit showcasing a “transparent bonnet” creates a digital off-road experience and makes navigation through varied terrain much easier.

The added blue touches help owners differentiate this from their V8-powered G-Wagons. PHOTO FROM MERCEDES-BENZ

An MBUX (Mercedes-Benz User Experience) infotainment system with large 12.3-inch driver and media displays adds to the whole modern G-Class experience.

Other new features that improve aerodynamics and cabin noise reduction include a slightly raised bonnet, new A-pillar trim, a spoiler lip on the roof, and air curtains in the rear wheel arch flares.

Are you excited for the G580 with EQ Technology, or will you hang on to your gas-burning models? PHOTO BY SAM SURLA

An added quirk to this electric off-road beast is the G-Roar sound experience that supposedly creates a thrilling audible atmosphere and other event sounds as you pilot the vehicle.

Since Mercedes-Benz Philippines introduced the EQ line on our shores last year, it’s just a matter of time before the G580 makes its Philippine landing. Watch for this.

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