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Even the Pope needs to ride an environment-friendly car

Good thing Toyota has a hydrogen fuel-cell vehicle for this

Imagine riding along EDSA on this thing. PHOTO FROM TOYOTA

If there’s one person in the whole world who never has to purchase a car for his motoring needs, we guess that’s the head of the Roman Catholic church. Pope Francis, just like his predecessors, has no problems going from A to B. And no, it’s not because he gets full access to public-utility vehicles. Going around is too easy for him thanks to the faithful giving him holy automobiles. You know, what we all call Popemobiles.

And right now, it’s the turn of the Catholic Bishops’ Conference of Japan to treat him to a cool set of cars—in the shape and the form of the Toyota Mirai. The rear portion of the car’s body has been pruned to accommodate the pedestal from which the Pope is expected to wave at the adoring crowd. Check it out.

Wait...does that acronym mean 'Socially Conscious Vehicle'? PHOTOS FROM TOYOTA

We suppose the Pope also has to preach the importance of being simple and eco-friendly in the way he travels. We’d choose the Supra as our official ride, but that’s probably the reason we’re not even seminarists. Or even the dudes tasked to burn the incense during Mass.

Vernon B. Sarne

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