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These custom Nissan vehicles will be displayed at 2024 Tokyo Auto Salon

Built by students at Nissan Automobile Technical College

These students grabbed the opportunity to show off their skills. PHOTO FROM NISSAN

Exploring creative outlets is usually challenging in a rigid college environment. So, just imagine the excitement felt by students taking up bodywork classes at Nissan Automobile Technical College when they were told to let their imaginations run wild. And the best part is that their handiwork will be proudly displayed at the 2024 Tokyo Auto Salon for the world to see.

The Elgrand Glassier is a camper van we'd like to own. PHOTO FROM NISSAN

Three vehicles will be displayed with the first one called the Elgrand Glassier. This is a Nissan Elgrand people carrier that has been beefed up for off-road use with a suspension lift and the face of the latest-generation X-Trail. When the sun comes down, occupants can spend the night in the large roof-mounted tent. The green base color and the orange accent are said to represent the sun’s rays piercing through the clouds.

We wonder why the adorable Cube was never sold in the Philippines. PHOTO FROM NISSAN

The second car is called the Seto. Based on the Cube, this one gets the front end and the taillights of a classic Bluebird. The mismatched body panels have been smoothly combined using a mix of welding and putty modeling techniques. Interestingly, the car is apparently built for use by the sons/daughters of the Elgrand Glassier’s owner.

D1 drifter Ken Nomura would be proud of this Skyline sedan. PHOTOS FROM NISSAN

Lastly, the tuner crowd is represented by the Adonis Skyline. The R34 Skyline sedan base car gets a rather modest transformation with the bodywork widened by 5cm. A significant amount of effort reportedly comes from painstakingly aligning the body panels to minimize distortions and achieve a smooth, factory-like finish. The paint is also a unique shade of white created solely for this vehicle.

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