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Your Mazda car might have a defective fuel pump

Best to confirm with your dealer if your ride is affected

Check with your dealer if your CX-5's fuel pump motor needs replacing. PHOTO FROM MAZDA

Brand transparency, and consumer trust and safety should always be paramount concerns of any automaker. With that said, Mazda Philippines very recently announced a recall involving a fuel pump issue affecting some its models.

This issue appears to be linked to a large global recall involving parts supplier giant Denso since the first half of 2020, affecting millions of units under brands such as Toyota, Mitsubishi, Subaru, and Honda. According to Mazda Philippines, the procedure involves the replacement of the fuel pump motor only which is part of the Fuel Delivery Module (FDM).

Through its network of 19 dealerships across the country, Mazda’s Philippine distributor initiated a Preventive Service Campaign covering the replacement of the defective fuel pump motors encompassing 1,838 units of various models sold locally; vehicles built from model year 2017 to 2019 as announced by Mazda Japan. These include the following:

Model Chassis Code Number of Units
Mazda 2 DJ/DL 735
Mazda 3 BN 347
Mazda 6 GL 6
MX-5 ND 12
CX-5 KF 699
CX-9 TC 37

The replacement of the said fuel pump will take around 2.5 hours and is completely free of charge. If you think your vehicle falls under this recall, feel free to reach out to your respective dealerships. Once confirmed, your vehicle will be scheduled for the replacement work.

As of October 13, 2020, Bermaz Auto Philippines, Inc. (Mazda Philippines) has notified all local dealerships of the Preventive Service Campaign along with a complete list of the VINs (Vehicle Identification Number) associated with the recall. The campaign implementation immediately started after it was filed with the Department of Trade and Industry on October 20. At this time, said dealerships are notifying customers of the issue and setting up appointments for part replacement.

Mazda Philippines strives to bring excellence in all aspects of its operations, always aiming for the best and safest customer experience. Mazda Philippines president Steven Tan shared: “It is a very positive state when consumers are more understanding that automakers will occasionally implement a service campaign to replace a sub-optimum part or rectify an issue. It shows commitment and accountability to its customers on the part of the automakers. And a maturing of the consumer community.”

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