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TWR is back with a 600hp supercharged V12 monster

The Supercat is a Jaguar-based restomod

This wild-looking Jaguar XJ-S restomod is a homage to a legendary name. IMAGE FROM TWR

If you know your Jaguars, then the letters TWR will mean something to you. Tom Walkinshaw Racing is a legendary name in Britain and beyond, and it’s fair to say the company was to Jaguar what AMG is to Mercedes or what M is to BMW.

We say “was” because the original TWR that helped to create machines like the XJ220 and even participated in Formula 1 isn’t really around anymore. But its DNA is now being revived in spectacular fashion by another Walkinshaw and two additional and illustrious names.

The Supercat looks like something that wouldn't be out of place on 'Need for Speed'. IMAGES FROM TWR

Of course, this is another restomod, but with Magnus Walker and Khyzyl Saleem involved on the design side, you’d hope it’s going to be a good one. It certainly should be considering that the car will cost at least £225,000 (P16.23 million).

So far, there are only a few renders of the machine and very little additional information about it. A total of 88 TWR Supercats will be made, and the project is being led by Fergus Walkinshaw, the son of TWR founder Tom, and his business partner John Kane from new company headquarters in Newbury, Berkshire, England.

Is this gorgeous or sacrilegious? IMAGE FROM TWR

Based on the Jaguar XJ-S, it promises to be an updated version of this classic British GT car featuring a 600+hp supercharged V12 engine and plenty of carbon fiber.

There’s no word if the V12 will be based on the old 5.3- or 6.0-liter versions that used to grace the production and the TWR versions of this car in the past, or if the firm is planning to stick a different powerplant under the hood, but the potential for a proper gentleman’s express automobile is certainly there.

Power will be sent to the rear wheels using a manual gearbox, and weight-saving efforts should ensure that this XJ-S is a lot feistier than the original. Order books for the Supercat are now open, but nobody seems to have an idea when we might see the first one drive around on public roads. When it eventually does, it should be pretty hard to miss.

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