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The Eccentrica is a restomodded homage to the original Diablo

You’ll need at least P73 million and a donor car

This is the Lamborghini Diablo for the modern ages. PHOTO FROM ECCENTRICA

There was a time when Lamborghini built beautiful cars that combined stunning performance with a real sense of old-school drama. The last of these proper wild-child Lambos was probably the Diablo, a machine that not only looked stunning but also required a brave driver with a trained clutch leg to control it.

Many speed freaks miss this period in the company’s history. That time before Audi got involved and applied fabric softener to the bull, enabling even untrained matadors to show off without real risk of injury or death. We suspect the gentleman behind this project—simply called the Eccentrica—might be one of them.

This looks even better than Lamborghini's new Countach reinterpretation. PHOTOS FROM ECCENTRICA

The restomod is based on a Diablo from the first series from the early 1990s. The boss and moneyman of the startup behind it is Italian businessman Emanuel Colombini, himself a passionate Lamborghini driver.

The pop-up headlights are gone. Instead, here are headlights that reveal themselves. PHOTOS FROM ECCENTRICA

A total of 19 copies of the Eccentrica are to be built, and its creator is hoping that the value of these machines will increase over time.

The first prototype will make its public debut at the 2023 Goodwood Festival of Speed, and was designed by studio BorromeodeSilva, who had already penned other restomods like this Porsche 928 and the Amos Delta. The inspiration for it came from the Diablo GTR, and the original donor car obviously underwent a significant transformation.

We've never seen exposed mechanicals and wiring look so good before. PHOTOS FROM ECCENTRICA

The only original part of the outer shell is the windshield. All other components have been replaced with redesigned lightweight parts, some of which have been 3D-printed. On the inside, designers combined modern luxury with the minimalist 1990s look and created beautiful features like the pixel graphics on the displays.

To start the Eccentrica, the driver has to insert the key, flip a number of toggle switches for the ignition and fuel pumps, and finally press the start button. This jet fighter-like starting sequence is a homage to films like Top Gun, according to the press release. What then comes to life is the extensively modernized V12 of the original vehicle.

Underneath lies a modernized version of the Diablo's famous V12. PHOTOS FROM ECCENTRICA

Thanks to numerous new parts, the power increases to 550hp with a maximum 600Nm of torque. Zero-to-100km/h is done in an estimated 3.5 seconds, and the top speed is a Lambo-worthy 335km/h, achieved while a custom-made exhaust system provides suitable acoustic accompaniment.

Well-known firms like Brembo, Pirelli, and Alcantara supply the brake system, the tires, and the seat cushions. Each of the planned 19 units can, of course, be customized to the wishes of the buyer, who should calculate around 16 to 18 months build time and be ready to fork out at least €1,200,000 (P73 million). That’s excluding the donor car, by the way. Eccentric indeed.

Frank Schuengel

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