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The HWA Evo is the ultimate Mercedes-Benz restomod

Built by the same boffin behind AMG

Can we have more DTM restomods like this, please? PHOTO FROM HWA

The restomod trend is still going strong, but while many projects seem to originate from relatively obscure companies, once in a while we come across one that makes us truly go “wow.” The machine you’re looking at here is definitely one of them. Say hello to the HWA Evo, a rebirth of one of the most iconic Mercs ever created.

The company name HWA stands for Hans Werner Aufrecht, and in case that name doesn’t ring a bell, he’s the A’ in AMG. This is going to be good!

Aufrecht founded his own company back in 1998, and has made quite a name for himself, mainly in the world of motorsports where HWA is still the most successful DTM racing team ever. Next to that, his firm also developed the CLK DTM AMG and the CLK GTR, so it’s safe to say that if anyone can build a fast Benz, it’s these guys.

No three-pointed star here, but it's got DNA from Affalterbach in it. PHOTOS FROM HWA

The Evo is HWA’s first foray into the restomod world and a homage to the Mercedes-Benz 190E 2.5-16 Evo II. Only 100 of them will ever be built. The car, which in line with the original is based on the Mercedes 190, will cost a hefty €714,000 (P43.44 million) plus taxes.

Designer Khyzyl Saleem is responsible for the lines of the Evo, and he already showed an idea for it on his Instagram account back in early 2022. The final design is a little less radical, but still clearly 190 Evo, including a massive front splitter, a wide-body look, and of course a huge rear spoiler.

The only thing you won’t find on this machine is a Mercedes star, as it is a true HWA creation, and therefore not endorsed or marketed by Mercedes-Benz itself. Distribution will be handled through US company Curated, and deliveries are due to start toward the end of 2025.

By that time, we will hopefully also know what sort of power this beast will put down, but knowing Aufrecht and his team, it will be enough to win any race it may find itself in.

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