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Nissan will be participating in these motorsport events for 2024

With Nissan e-4orce 04 and Z being front and center for the season

Nissan has a full season to look forward to this year. PHOTO FROM NISSAN

If there’s one thing that Nissan is known for, it’s the automaker’s participation in motorsports. This allows it to build and develop remarkable road cars from its learnings in racing.

Its well-known tuning and motorsports division, Nismo, is simply an abbreviation of Nissan Motorsports. We know that the arm produces parts and some highly sought-after production cars, but racing has been its bread and butter since its founding in 1984.

As Nismo celebrates its 40th anniversary in 2024, the company details what disciplines it will participate in. It has two works programs (manufacturer-owned) and several customer racing programs, and will also be an engine supplier for multiple series.

Nissan is currently the only fully Japanese-owned team participating in the top ranks of motorsports. PHOTO FROM NISSAN

Starting with its works programs, the biggest is its participation in the ABB FIA Formula E World Championship.

Currently marking the sixth year of the Nissan Formula E Team (formerly Nissan e.dams), it will be fielding the Nissan e-4orce 04.

This is currently the second iteration of the Gen3 race car, with Sacha Fenestraz (Car #23) and Oliver Rowland (Car #22) rounding up the squad.

Nissan wants to reclaim the overall Super GT title with the Nissan Z Nismo GT500. PHOTO FROM NISSAN

Then, for the Japan-only Super GT series, the Nissan Z Nismo GT500 will compete in the GT500 class across four teams: Nismo, Nismo NDDP, Team Impul, and Kondo Racing.

The Nissan GT-R Nismo GT3 is still holding on strong. PHOTO FROM NISSAN

Meanwhile, the Nissan GT-R Nismo GT3 will be the old guard for the series that abides by the FIA GT3 regulations.

Four will be participating in the Super GT GT300 class, one in the Super Taikyu ST-X class, and one in the GT World Challenge Asia.

The Nissan Z Nismo GT4 will be undergoing a trial by fire for its first season in motorsports. PHOTO FROM NISSAN

Then for the GT4 programs, the new Nissan Z Nismo GT4 will finally be seeing on-track action. Three will be headed to the Super Taikyu ST-Z class, and four will be going to the GT4 America Championship.

There are also two Nissan Zs still under development. First is the Gainer Tanax Z meant for the Super GT GT300 class (under GTA GT300 regulations), and two Fairlady Z Nismo RCs by Okabejidosha Motorsport will duke it out in the Super Taikyu ST-3 class.

This V8 engine is the beating heart of many LMP3 cars. PHOTO FROM NISSAN

Nissan will also be continuing its supply of the VK56 engine for LMP3 teams participating in prototype series such as Le Mans, IMSA, and the German Prototype Cup.

And finally, for Japan, there will be the Nissan Mechanic Challenge, the Nismo Driving Academy, and the Nismo Festival. It seems fans of the brand will be having one full year to look forward to.

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