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B Hotel guests can now dine inside their cars

Enjoy restaurant-quality food within the safety of your vehicle

You'll be able to enjoy fine dishes from B Hotel's restaurants inside your car. PHOTO FROM B HOTEL

Ordering food nowadays isn’t so much of a problem with drive-through restaurants and app-based delivery services. However, you can’t really get a gourmet dish at a fast-food joint, and your meal becomes a cold, soggy mess after a hair-raising motorcycle ride. But B Hotel has something that might satisfy your cravings while keeping you safe from COVID-19.

Its Park & Dine service allows you to enjoy freshly cooked food within your vehicle. Simply show up at the designated parking area and staff members will take your order. Once your food is ready, a specially designed plank will be placed in your car which will serve as the table. Once you’re done, payment can be coursed through cashless means.

The beauty of this system is that diners can enjoy the benefits of going to the restaurant as the food goes straight from the kitchen to your vehicle. And since customers are confined within their own bubbles, they are practically socially distant from everyone else.

The Park & Dine service is available at the following B Hotel branches and restaurants:

  • Quezon City – Johnny’s Steak and Grill (Wednesdays to Saturdays, 11am to 8pm)
  • Alabang – Prime Café (Mondays to Sundays, 4pm to 10pm)

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