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Infiniti teases the next-generation QX80

Model will be unveiled in the US on March 20

Infiniti was kind enough to leave the QX80's rear lightbar exposed. PHOTO FROM INFINITI

Nissan’s luxury division Infiniti is all set to reveal the newest iteration of its QX80 full-size SUV in a few weeks. This is a literally a big deal as it is the firm’s largest offering. As expected, there is an interesting marketing scheme in place that is meant to generate interest in what is essentially the automaker’s halo product.

Infiniti calls its latest design language “Artistry in Motion.” But before it can show the world how that philosophy is applied to the upcoming QX80, the company is keeping things under wraps by concealing some of the signature exterior features of the latest member of its range.

That kink in the window seems to be popular with car designers these days. PHOTOS FROM INFINITI

The interesting skin consists of patterns that both expose and disguise the vehicle’s curves and edges. Combined with how the photographs you see here are angled, it’s quite hard to predict what the QX80 will look like as a whole. All that we’re sure of is that as far as size is concerned, this car is big.

Additionally, details about the running gear have not been disclosed, so we’ll have to wait until the unveiling on March 20 to get to know what makes the QX80 tick. But even if Infiniti does not have an official presence in the Philippines, its latest SUV might be a preview of the next-generation Nissan Patrol.

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