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Mercedes-Maybach to provide ground transportation to space tourists

They deserve it after paying $125,000 per ticket

Mercedes-Maybach vehicles will bring passengers to and from the launch pad. IMAGE FROM MERCEDES-BENZ

We’ve all seen how some automakers have turned to business ventures other than ground-based vehicles. Honda’s aircraft division builds the HondaJet, and others have been creating collaborations with budding aerospace firms to create flying taxis. However, it seems like the Earth’s atmosphere isn’t the limit for Mercedes-Maybach if its latest project is anything to go by.

The capsule isn't a shabby place to be in at the edge of space. IMAGES FROM SPACE PERSPECTIVE

The German luxury marque has just partnered with a Florida-based tour provider called Space Perspective. The latter claims to be the first and only carbon-neutral company of its kind in the world. Instead of using traditional rockets to launch vehicles into the sky, its craft of choice is a pressurized capsule attached to a balloon aptly called the SpaceBalloon.

The SpaceBalloon ascends gently at a rate of 5.36m per second. This allows anyone medically fit to fly on a commercial airliner to experience spaceflight. The capsule has room for one pilot and eight paying passengers, a 360° panoramic window, snacks and drinks, and Internet access so guests can stream the experience in real time.

If you're scared of heights, spend your money elsewhere. IMAGE FROM SPACE PERSPECTIVE

Now, the role of Mercedes-Maybach in this collaboration is to supply passengers with ground transportation between Space Perspective lounges and launch facilities. With SpaceBalloon’s carbon footprint supposedly being close to zero, it’s probably only prudent that travelers are shuttled in eco-friendly luxury vehicles.

With each customer forking out $125,000 (P7.1 million), they really deserve to be ferried by the best of what Mercedes-Maybach can offer. However, it seems like this undertaking somehow mirrors the chain of events that led to the tragedy of the Titan submersible a few months ago. Still, if you have the money and the balls for this journey, you can reserve a seat here.

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