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Valenzuela City will be having its own skate park

Located under NLEX Harbor Link

You don't need to have a skateboard to enjoy the park. IMAGE FROM VALENZUELA CITY

While cycling has become mainstream, skateboarding remains a relatively niche activity that isn’t as welcomed in society. One of the biggest problems is the lack of public spaces where people can safely skate in peace. That’s why it’s good news that the Valenzuela City LGU will be building a public skate park.

To be located at NLEX Harbor Link in Barangay Karuhatan, it will have a lot area of almost 4,000sq-m, and it will feature a skate bowl, stair sets, pipe ramps, flat rails, grind boxes, benches, and bike racks.

However, there are some things that need to be considered.

A skate park is the best place to do tricks without risking property damage. IMAGES FROM VALENZUELA CITY

Will it be accessible on foot, even for those handicapped? Can people safely walk, skate, bike, or commute to get there? And even if they could, will the pollution and the noise from surrounding motor vehicles be disruptive?

We’re not saying this for the sake of being negative, but public spaces like these must be designed and built properly. This will benefit both skaters and the general public, as the park can function as a third place—somewhere people can gather to socialize freely.

Skate parks like this can serve as training grounds for potential athletes. IMAGES FROM VALENZUELA CITY

Looking beyond the stigma, there’s no reason to frown upon skateboarding. It’s a good form of physical exercise, especially for a generation of kids glued to a screen.

Just like biking, skateboarding can also be used as a form of active transport to get people around. And if this isn’t enough, the Philippines has its own skateboarding icon in Margielyn Didal.

Leandro Mangubat

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