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Geely Coolray Sport Limited: Better than ever

The additional features make this good crossover even better

The new finish perfectly accentuates the crossover’s best design bits. PHOTO BY RED SANTIAGO

Nearly three years since it was launched and with not many changes, the Geely Coolray continues to sell well. Motoring journalists and owners have only good things to say about it. You’d get the impression that it is the best in its class.

However, there are still a few souls that are still too skeptical about the crossover. We got a chance to have another go at the Coolray, this time in the improved Sport trim. Here’s what we think about it.

Simple exterior design tweaks were all that the Coolray needed to look even better. PHOTO BY RED SANTIAGO

Beauty is subjective. And it’s understandable for a lot of people to rave about the Coolray’s looks. The Sport now has new colors like Cloud Blue and our test unit’s Sunburst Gold.

While many appreciate how different the Coolray looks, we think that this rather vibrant finish shows the vehicle’s best design bits. The crease and the character lines seem more pronounced here, allowing you to marvel at how well-designed this crossover is. It amazes us how adding new colors as well as the black turbine-inspired rims did to an already pretty car.

Inside, the Coolray feels like a European car. PHOTO BY RED SANTIAGO

The interior is better than most of the offerings within the price range. The D-shaped tiller is great to hold, and the digital instrumentation is legible. The 10.25-inch infotainment system’s still one of the best, even with the absence of Apple CarPlay and Android Auto capabilities. Simple adjustments can make it sound way better than most systems in the segment. Everything is laid out and designed well.

The interior has ventilated front seats to cool your bums when the sun is too hot. PHOTO BY RED SANTIAGO

But Geely Philippines feels like these features aren’t enough. So, it added cool ones to make the car even more desirable. One is the ventilated front seats that cool your bum on the hottest of days. And an electric tailgate is a welcome convenience to the many standard features of the Coolray.

A peppy engine and great suspension tuning reward the driver with more smiles per kilometer. PHOTO BY RED SANTIAGO

Thankfully, Geely didn’t mess with the mechanicals. The crossover still has the same 1.5-liter three-pot turbo engine that’s still the most powerful at 177hp with 255Nm of torque. Paired with the sweet-shifting seven-speed dual-clutch transmission, the Coolray offers one of the best driving experiences in the segment. The only thing better is the SE variant.

The suspension still has the best balance between comfort and performance, making the crossover a truly engaging drive.

During our time with the car, we did some quick sprints and attacked corners at speed. It gave us tons of smiles per kilometer, something that others can only dream about.

Doing around 9km/L in the city and around 17 km/L on the highway, the Coolray may not be the most fuel-efficient out there, but also is far from being bad. And the sensations you’d feel while driving more than makes up for the few niggles you might have.

The Coolray is still a top pick in the subcompact crossover category. PHOTO BY RED SANTIAGO

We dare say that the Coolray is still the best in its segment and price range. However, some driver aids like adaptive cruise control and emergency braking system are absent, which other competitors are now offering. And as petty as it may sound, smartphone integration like Apple CarPlay and Android Auto could have made this cool ride even better. But we’re nitpicking here.

Truly, the Geely Coolray Sport Limited still belongs to the upper echelon of subcompact crossovers. This vehicle spoiled us in a lot of ways. Some might feel overwhelmed with what Geely has done with the updated version and the price increase that comes with it. At P1,258,000, it may not be the most affordable of the lot. But it offers a unique driving experience that rivals those of more established brands.

Truly, you don’t get as much bang for the buck as you would with this car.


Engine1.5-liter three-cylinder turbocharged gasoline
Transmission7-speed dual-clutch automatic
Power177hp @ 5,500rpm
Torque255Nm @ 1,500-4,000rpm
Dimensions4,330mm x 1,795mm x 1,609mm
Drive layoutFWD
UpsideThe new colors perfectly highlight the crossover’s best design bits. Additional toys improve this car even further.
DownsideMissing convenience features and driver aids could have sweetened the deal.

Red Santiago

A jack of all trades, Red is passionate about cars, motorcycles and audio. He sometimes drives for a ride-hailing app company—just because he really loves driving.