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Bristol now has a maxi-scoot with the Maxie 400

It’s expressway-legal as its displacement is rounded off to 400cc

The Maxie 400 isn’t a bad-looking scoot at all. BRISTOL MOTORCYCLES

Bristol has made a name for itself with its locally branded motorcycles. While its bikes are essentially “white label” units from China and Taiwan, proactive localization of specific parts and components as well as excellent after-sales support have given the company a solid reputation.

It has semi-knobby tires for light off-roading. BRISTOL MOTORCYCLES

Their newest model is the Maxie 400, a maxi-scoot with some light, off-road credentials to give the rider more options. At first blush, we suspect it’s a rebadged Dayang ADV 350, but that model has a 333cc single-cylinder engine, while the Maxie displaces 377cc. Power and torque numbers are identical though, with 29.1hp and 33.5Nm, so go figure.

It’s loaded with tech for the price. BRISTOL MOTORCYCLES

In any case, the Maxie 400 is expressway-legal as the displacement is rounded off to 400cc. Bristol quotes a top speed of 138km/h, and (more important these days) fuel economy of 25km/L. The tank is quite large at 17.4L, too, making the Maxie a good choice for comfortable touring. Suspension is basic with nonadjustable telescopic fork and dual shock absorbers, adjustable only for preload. The tires are 120/70 R14 (front) and 150/70 R13 (rear) on tubeless rims.

This is a nice app to go with your scooter. BRISTOL MOTORCYCLES

The fuel system is by Bosch, and there’s also standard ABS. For the wow factor, the scoot also has front and rear cameras, a TFT dash panel, an adjustable windshield, a tire pressure monitor, a Bluetooth app for navigation and security, and keyless ignition. The wide, stepped seat also looks to be very considerate for pillion riders.

Bristol has priced the Maxie 400 at P368,000, but there’s currently an introductory offer of P328,000. Whatever the bike’s original provenance, we trust that Bristol will put in enough local input to make the Maxie 400 its very own product.

Andy Leuterio

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