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The MV Agusta Rapido Serie Oro is a long name for a small scooter

It is quite stylish though, just like the company's motorbikes

The Rapido Serie Oro isn't fast, but it looks rad. PHOTO FROM MV AGUSTA

MV Agusta, the famed Italian brand known for its track-conquering superbikes and eye-catching lines and designs, has decided that it wants a share of the pie of something rather normal to see in our cities today—but with an Italian twist.

The Rapido Serie Oro e-scooter is the company’s latest venture into the market for sustainable personal mobility vehicles, right after the launch of its AMO series of e-bikes. A reimagination of the widely available city cruiser that has flooded the market these past few years, MV Agusta has once again shown its prowess in taking a vehicle and turning it into art.

It looks like one of MV Agusta's sport bikes. PHOTOS FROM MV AGUSTA

Sharp angles, a bold headlight design, and a striking alloy-wheel design give off a strong yet sophisticated look. A four-inch LCD display with smartphone connectivity gives the e-scooter functionality more fitting of our current day and age.

The Rapido Serie Oro features a magnesium-alloy frame for stiffness and lightness, 10-inch tubeless tires for a supple ride, and a 48V 500W motor capable of propelling the user to a top speed of 40km/h (albeit limited to 25km/h for legal reasons). With a range of 50km and various riding modes for different city riding conditions, it may be out of its element for the sort of adventures some enthusiasts bring their electric kick scooters to. It’s plenty capable for city commutes, which seems to be what MV Agusta is targeting anyways.

When you ride this, you'll probably be the envy of your friends. PHOTOS FROM MV AGUSTA

It’s available for purchase in Europe for a rather steep €999 (P57,000). That’s no chump change especially for our market and the utility it provides. Some herald form far above what value most people give styling, however, and there’s no denying how stylish the Rapido Serie Oro looks.

Maybe we can just discount the thinner wallet as weight savings.

Hans Bosshard

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