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Aprilia whips out its own electric kick scooter

The eSR2 has the sport-bike maker’s seal of approval

The eSR2 is not as unwieldy as an Aprilia sport bike. PHOTO FROM APRILIA

The popularity of kick scooters had been on the rise even before the pandemic. When COVID-19 came and consequently disabled public transportation, people resorted to bicycles and personal electric vehicles to move about. Most commercially available kick scooters are manufactured by small companies. But imagine buying one with a famous motorcycle company’s badge.

Aprilia has been making scooters for a long time, but the eSR2 is its first EKS offering. This vehicle isn’t developed and produced entirely by the motorcycle firm. The eSR2 is the result of a collaboration with MT Distribution, an Italian kick-scooter specialist. In fact, Ducati also has its own line of electric two-wheelers based on MT Distribution’s designs and technology.

It's not fast, but at least it has eye-catching graphics. PHOTO FROM APRILIA

The eSR2 is pretty much similar to other electric kick scooters available today, save for some styling cues from Aprilia. The chrome-plated forks up front and the 10-inch tires help absorb road imperfections. There are LED lights all around for nighttime visibility. A low maintenance 350W brushless motor gets its power from a 288Wh battery, which provides up to 25km of range. Safely stopping all the action are front drum and rear electric brakes.

You can keep your eSR2 in check using a smartphone app. It can monitor the battery level, look at the distance traveled, and even locate the scooter. If anything goes wrong, the app can link up to a support portal where you can talk to Aprilia customer-service reps in real time via WhatsApp.

Priced at €559 (P32,800) in Italy, you can get the eSR2 from major consumer electronics retailers or online stores. Now, who says you need to spend a fortune just to own an Aprilia?

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