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PartsPro gets a makeover on its 5th birthday

Site-wide discounts and limited-edition items are up for grabs

The PartsPro website is modernized for the project-car crowd. SCREENSHOT FROM PARTSPRO

Anyone building a project car knows how difficult it is to source components especially when said components aren’t really destined for sale in the Philippines. Such a scenario is something that online parts shop PartsPro is probably all too aware of. Even its extensive digital catalog may not be enough to cater to a particular build. So, for its fifth birthday, the company aims to make acquiring upgrade parts a much more pleasant experience.

Aside from its already vast network of parts suppliers around the world, PartsPro will also give its customers the ability to preorder their desired items. This is a win-win situation as buyers are assured of the arrival of their parts, and PartsPro can more accurately gauge how much stock it will acquire. In addition, the revamped website can now cater to clients who want to pay in installments. Making the payment terms flexible allows the website to widen its reach.

PartsPro's partners and suppliers are some of the best in the business. SCREENSHOTS FROM PARTSPRO

Speaking of reach, PartsPro will be increasing its presence on online shopping portals like Lazada and Shopee. Again, this will be advantageous for customers who prefer using these digital platforms in search of their car parts. And on the subject of parts, PartsPro says that it will have access to components that are not originally slated for release in the Philippines.

As part of its anniversary celebrations this July, PartsPro will be offering discounts on new and returning customers. In addition, it will be showcasing limited-edition items from some of its partners and suppliers. To know more, check out the website.

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