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Meet Derek Ramsay’s Defender-looking Suzuki Jimny

How much did the modification cost the popular movie actor?

This little SUV is already a head-turner even without a celebrity owner inside it. PHOTO BY MARCO PAOLO SUBIDO

While Coco Martin is known for his hulking and lifted SUVs, the equally popular actor Derek Ramsay has no qualms about going small with his Suzuki Jimny. We guess the latter simply doesn’t feel the need to compensate for any inadequacies.

Anyway, you know that the Jimny is a fun vehicle to modify. Last year, we even showed you five modified versions of the mini sport-ute, and one of those is the transformation Ramsay has given his cute but tough ride. Meet his Jimny wearing the Little D package courtesy of DAMD (short for Dream Automotive Development and Design), an aftermarket shop based in Japan. The owner ordered the parts from (and had them installed by) PartsPro, an online marketplace for automotive products.

Obviously, the cosmetic upgrade is meant to make the Jimny look like a diminutive Land Rover Defender.

That oval badge is a dead giveaway as to which vehicle this Jimny is imitating. PHOTOS BY MARCO PAOLO SUBIDO

“The Little D project was designed to be simple and timeless,” PartsPro president Raffy David told VISOR. “Specific parts were chosen to ensure that nothing was taken away from the Jimny’s personality of being a cute, fun and capable off-roader when needed.”

David, a close friend of Ramsay’s, also happens to own a Jimny himself. His other car is an Aston Martin (just letting you know in case you still need convincing that the smallish Japanese SUV appeals to genuine car nuts).

This is like going back in time. We really love this wheel design with retro feels. PHOTOS BY MARCO PAOLO SUBIDO

The DAMD Little D package for the Jimny includes:

  • Front bumper
  • Front grille
  • Hood
  • Rear bumper
  • Mud flaps
  • Letter emblem (black or silver)
  • Oval emblem
  • Number plate transfer kit

This whole collection costs a total of P230,000.

The rear pops with the new spare tire. PHOTOS BY MARCO PAOLO SUBIDO

But wait…there’s more.

To give the Jimny some retro vibe, PartsPro installed 16-inch Dean Cross Country wheels wrapped in BFGoodrich K02 tires. A DTE PedalBox throttle controller was also thrown in just to make the drive a bit more spirited than usual. “Throttle response is immediately noticeable, even while in economy mode,” David said. “Made in Germany, this device is TÜV-certified and has Eco, Sport and Sport+ settings. It comes with a two-year unlimited mileage warranty.”

For in-car entertainment, PartsPro replaced the stock radio with a Growl audio head unit featuring a nine-inch touchscreen display and boasting Apple CarPlay, Android Auto, Waze, Spotify, Google Chrome, YouTube and Netflix.

Other parts still to be added include a blacked-out roof, a roof rack and LED light bars.

Below is a price list for the add-ons found in Ramsay’s Jimny so far:

  • Dean Cross Country wheels – P99,420
  • BFGoodrich K02 tires – P11,770 per piece
  • DTE Tuning PedalBox – P19,000
  • Growl audio head unit – P35,000
  • Nakamichi tweeter (25mm) – P6,450
  • Nakamichi underseat subwoofer – P7,785
  • Nakamichi DSP with amplifier – P13,950
  • Nakamichi DSP cable harness – P1,500
  • Nakamichi sound deadeners – P840 per piece
  • Nakamichi wiring kit – P810
  • Sony three-way speaker (6.5-inch) – P1,912
  • Sony three-way speaker (5.5-inch) – P1,785
  • Custom A-pillar tweeter pods – P6,500
The upholstery brightens up the cabin. PHOTOS BY MARCO PAOLO SUBIDO

Of course, the customization doesn’t have to end there. If the vehicle’s hunky owner so desires, more aftermarket parts can still be added. But that could already be overkill. What do you think of this Little D build for Derek Ramsay’s Jimny? Dig?

Vernon B. Sarne

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