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Isuzu trucks cover 1,000km before running on empty

Proving the efficiency of the Traviz and the NLR

The Traviz's 4JA1 engine isn't sophisticated. But it sure is frugal. PHOTO FROM ISUZU

Commercial vehicles need the right balance of payload capacity and fuel consumption because those are two major traits that business owners and fleet managers look at. And with gas prices rising like crazy these days, the challenge is to make every last drop count. To that end, Isuzu Philippines recently proved that its trucks can really go the distance on just one tank.

For the “Isuzu One Full Tank Challenge,” the company fielded a Traviz and an NLR. Both vehicles set off from the Isuzu La Union dealership. They headed north until Pagudpud, Ilocos Norte, before turning south to Metro Manila via Iguig, Cagayan, and Clark, Pampanga. The goal was to drive as economically as possible until the tanks ran dry.

Imagine what these efficient Isuzu trucks can do for your business. PHOTO FROM ISUZU

The Traviz is fitted with the veteran 4JA1 engine with a low-pressure turbo. Carrying a 100kg load, the vehicle was able to squeeze 1,063km of endurance from its 50L tank. On the other hand, the NLR carried more weight at 500kg. But its more powerful 4JJ1 engine and larger 75L fuel tank allowed it to cover 1,234km.

Of course, the driving techniques used during this event might not be applicable to real-world conditions. But Isuzu just wanted to show consumers the potential of its trucks as cost-efficient tools for businesses.

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