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Nissan says it is not creating a car with Apple

Automaker denies being in talks with tech giant

The Apple Car saga continues with Nissan this time around. PHOTO FROM PIXABAY

Hot on the heels of Apple’s supposed discussions with South Korean carmakers Hyundai and Kia, news about the tech giant once again looking to forge a partnership for its automotive project has recently popped up. According to a Financial Times report, the Cupertino-based firm was courting Nissan to make its mobility plans come to fruition.

Talks were apparently halted upon the American company’s request to have Nissan manufacture vehicles with Apple logos, thereby making the latter a mere hardware supplier much like Foxconn is with the iPhones. However, a Nissan spokesperson has told Reuters that even though the automaker was looking to build alliances and collaborations for tech development, it was never in talks with Apple.

A Leaf-based Apple Car would have been a solid product. PHOTO FROM NISSAN

It’s a shame, really. Apple partnering with Nissan would’ve been a very prudent move, given the former’s lack of car-building expertise and the latter’s years of experience in EV technology. An Apple Car with Leaf mechanicals would’ve made it a wise choice for consumers making the move to EVs for the first time. We hope that the tech company soon finds a suitable ally to make its automotive strategy gain momentum.

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