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Jetour to open Quezon Avenue dealership in 2024

To be operated by the distributor of the automaker itself

This is how Jetour’s newest dealership is expected to look like. PHOTO FROM JETOUR

Chinese automakers are sprouting up left and right in our market, so you can expect a surge in retail presence across the metro as they partner with large dealer networks to grow their reach.

Jetour is set to open up shop on Gregorio Araneta Avenue, Quezon Cityand what makes this different is that Jetour Auto Philippines will be operating this dealership itself.

A multistory 3S dealership is always good for the brand and the customers. PHOTOS FROM JETOUR

The 3S dealership (sales, service, and spare parts) will sit on a 1,300sq-m lot.

The showroom will be capable of displaying six vehicles, and the service area will have two floors, with three lifters for quick-service jobs, and two scissor lifters on the higher floor. It will be designed following the global brand showrooms abroad.

Jetour Auto Philippines is targeting to have 20 operational dealerships across the country in 2024, and this will be the first to open for the upcoming year, with a soft opening scheduled by the second week of January.

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