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Expecting a safeguard duty refund from Honda? Do this

You can complete the whole process from your home

What Honda vehicle did you purchase this year? PHOTO FROM HONDA

If you bought a brand-new car in the past few months, you must now be familiar with the aborted safeguard duty for imported vehicles. Thankfully, it was officially dismissed last week, and several automotive manufacturers that collected cash bonds or deposits have already started the process of returning the amount to their customers.

If you remember, Honda Cars Philippines took a different approach to how it handled the provisional safeguard fees. It charged customers a refundable cash deposit, but absorbed part of the cost. Yes, lucky Honda buyers didn’t have to fork out the usual P70,000 (passenger cars) or P110,000 (light commercial vehicles) bond.

Still, those who purchased a Honda vehicle recently are entitled to whatever they surrendered to cover the safeguard duty, and the automaker has just released its guidelines on how to start the process of a refund request, which can be done online starting today (August 16).

Download the safeguard refund form here. Then follow these simple steps:

Kudos to Honda for providing a convenient process that can be completed from the comfort and safety of its customers’ homes. It’s a very thoughtful touch given the current health-related situation. We hope other car manufacturers follow suit.

Sam Surla

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