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Honda is partially absorbing blow from Safeguard Measures Act on certain models

To encourage sales despite the added burden brought about by the rule

The little Brio RS has the biggest cash deposit of P60,000. PHOTO FROM HONDA

It’s interesting to see how various automakers respond to the car-buying confusion brought about by the Safeguard Measures Act. You have Toyota that charges its customers a refundable deposit. Ford, on the other hand, has recently adjusted the retail prices on selected variants of its Ranger and Territory. And now, Honda Cars Philippines is trying out a different approach.

In what seems like a combination of the measures employed by the first two automakers mentioned, Honda will still be charging its clients a refundable cash deposit. But instead of the full amount, the company is giving its customers a little bit of relief by absorbing part of the cost. This, the company says, should make it less taxing for buyers to purchase a vehicle in these already difficult times.

Below is the partial list of affected models and their respective deposit amounts. Honda will issue a separate statement for the remainder of its product line.

Bear in mind that Honda has a limited number of stocks imported before the implementation of the safeguard duties, which customers can snap up to avoid having to pay the cash deposit.

Miggi Solidum

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