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Hands-on with the Casio Edifice Honda Type R Edition

Car geeks have a new watch to put on their wrist

The caseback alone is worth the price. PHOTO BY ED GERONIA

With each generation, the Type R line of the Honda Civic has been race-tuned to perfection with solid driving dynamics for track and street driving. For its watch collaboration, Casio took inspiration from several Type R models to create this race-ready watch.

For the initial wrist-on experience, Casio’s Edifice Honda Type R Edition fits well most wrists starting from 6.5 inches. The supple strap is made from genuine leather lined with a suede-like Alcantara on the underside with red contrast stitching. The strap’s surface comes in a color-matching Championship White shade that’s exclusive for Type R cars. The quick-release deployment buckle with finely spaced holes ensures proper fit.

We promise that this is the last time we’ll show unsightly body hair in watch photographs. PHOTOS BY ED GERONIA

It’s in the details that the watch shows its Type R heritage with the full lineup of the model names stamped on the strap’s outer side. Emblazoned on the metal keeper is the Type R brand as it appears in the serial number plate in the cars. The branding continues with the engraving on the deployment buckle and the metal back cover.

On the watch face itself, a large red ‘H’ badge is displayed prominently at the 12-o’clock position. The dial ring matches the Type R Championship White signature paint. On the dial’s surface, a honeycomb pattern echoes the grille on the cars. The 9-o’clock subdial is a homage to the yellow pointer with white and red markings found on the instrument panels on some Type R models. The pusher at 4 o’clock is the chef’s kiss with the red ‘R’ logo on top.

As worn on the wrist, the watch feels close to nothing because of its carbon fiber-reinforced resin case. The glossy bezel is ion-plated with a red-ring detail on the side. Durability is also enhanced with the use of an AR-coated sapphire crystal known for its scratch resistance in high-end mechanical watches. Another car-related detail worth noting: The pushers at 8 and 10 o’clock are integrated into a canard-like windflow design on the left side of the case.

Every Civic Type R owner should buy this watch. PHOTOS BY ED GERONIA

As befitting its badge, the watch is packed with tech starting with Bluetooth Smartphone Link syncing. It makes all the different timekeeping features of the watch easy to adjust and access. With the Casio app installed, it’s quite straightforward to do the following: sync the time, set alarms, select world time, access stopwatch lap time data, check battery level, and use the phone finder. When it comes to features, the Type R Edition has everything anyone would need for basic timekeeping with a dual analog and digital display that includes a 38-zone world time. Keeping track of elapsed and lap/split time down to the millisecond is simple with 24-hour stopwatch and a 60-minute countdown timer. Up to five daily alarms can be set.

Powering the watch is a Tough Solar movement with up to seven-month battery life per full charge. The solar panels are on the watch face itself, and can be charged using sunlight or even indoor fluorescent light. Keeping the watch readable in all conditions is an extremely bright dual LED light.

The Edifice Honda Type R Edition ECB-2200HTR is available as a limited-edition model that retails for P48,980 at select Casio Edifice outlets and sellers.

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