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Casio releases 3 Edifice watches with AlphaTauri branding

The timepieces all boast carbon fiber so you know they’re special

Posing like these Scuderia AlphaTauri drivers isn’t enough . Perhaps you need to wear a Casio Edifice watch. PHOTO FROM CASIO

If you’ve been following Formula 1, you know that Casio’s Edifice line of watches has been one of the sponsors of AlphaTauri since the 2020 season. To commemorate the second year of being a sponsor to the team, Casio has released a trio of chronographs.

The models are the EQB-1000AT, the ECB-10AT and the EFS-S590AT. You’ll find that the team’s signature navy blue and white colors adorn the watches in different areas, with the AlphaTauri logo engraved on the dials, the casebacks and the band loops. All three have a sapphire crystal up front, but the standout feature of these timepieces is the fact that that they have various parts made entirely of carbon fiber.

From the top: the EQB-1000AT, the ECB-10AT and the EFS-S590AT. PHOTOS FROM CASIO

The EQB-1000AT’s dial and bezel are made of carbon fiber. The case is painted in navy blue, and part of the bezel is painted white. This is the more traditional-looking chronograph of the three, and it has a diameter of 45.6mm and a thickness of 8.9mm. You can pair this with your smartphone so it’ll also update the time automatically for you.

Meanwhile, the ECB-10AT’s dial is also made of carbon fiber. The bezel and the strap are dressed up in AlphaTauri navy blue, with a half-white inner bezel. If you’re a fan of bigger, bolder watches, you’ll like this one, coming in with a diameter of 48.5mm and a thickness of 12.5mm. This also has the same smartphone connectivity as its thinner sibling.

Lastly, the EFS-S590AT’s inner bezel is its only part made of carbon fiber. The case and the strap are made from stainless steel, and it measures 45.3mm in diameter and 9.9mm in thickness. Unlike the other two, this one’s a bit lighter on features—it’s solar-powered, though.

We admit the AlphaTauri logo makes the watches look cooler. PHOTO FROM CASIO

Do you like cars and watches? Here’s a chance for you to look like an F1 driver without the hassle of having to wind the movement yourself.

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