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A chronograph honoring a victorious Jaguar E-Type

The Bremont MkII Chronograph wins our approval

A 1:18 scale model of the Jaguar Lightweight E-Type that won its class in the 12 Hours of Sebring. PHOTO FROM JAGUAR

In February 1963, Jaguar launched the “Special GT E-Type” project, which aimed to produce 18 aluminum-bodied lightweight units of the iconic automobile. Only 12 of those were built, with the other six ultimately brought to completion only in 2014.

Now, of the first 12 Lightweight E-Types, one conquered the GT 4.0 Class in the 12 Hours of Sebring endurance race back in the ’60s. That car—sporting number 23—had a white paint job and double red-and-blue racing stripes.

A tasteful British timepiece that honors a classic sports car. PHOTO FROM BREMONT

British watchmaker Bremont is paying tribute to this specific Lightweight E-Type by releasing this MkII Chronograph, which features a new tachymeter dial ring that purportedly can measure speed. A pair of subdials mimics the car’s instrument gauges. The watch also has new hands and red stitching on the leather strap to complete the look.

The 43mm polished-steel case is said to have been made using Bremont’s “Trip-Tick” technology, which, the company claims, makes the case seven times harder than that of a typical steel watch. A nice touch, if your eyes don’t fail you, is the tire tread on the crown, which is itself stamped with the classic Jaguar logo.

Flip the watch over and the sapphire-crystal caseback affords a peek at the handsome BE-50AE automatic movement, which is prominently adorned by a steering-wheel winding weight.

You can tell your drinking buddies that your watch has a steering wheel at the back. PHOTO FROM BREMONT

The PR statement quotes Jaguar design director Ian Callum: “The MkII Chronograph captures the spirit of what is undoubtedly one of the most iconic sports cars of all time in a subtle and intelligent way. All the Bremont Jaguar watches subtly relay some of the codes of the E-Type, but are also easy to recognize as having been created with the car in mind. They simply look absolutely right when you wear them in the driver’s seat—almost as if they had been designed alongside the car back in the ’60s.”

Interested? The Bremont MkII Chronograph costs £5,195, or P353,000. Pricey for a car-themed watch, but perfect if you drive a modern or old Jag.

Vernon B. Sarne

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