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We just can’t stop looking at automotive furniture

These Bel Air sofas and alloy-wheel tables are so cool

If you’ve been probing around our new website, you may have already read about the Gorenje Retro Special Edition refrigerator inspired by the Volkswagen Microbus. We’re just really into car-themed household items.

Here, we share with you photos of furniture made from various car parts. We found them by searching Instagram using #carfurniture. Enjoy!

This Chevrolet Bel Air sofa will take you back to your parents' salad days. INSTAGRAM POST BY CARSOFAEU
Thinking of what to give on your grandparents' 50th wedding anniversary? INSTAGRAM POST BY KAYTHIROEW
Apparently crafted by hand from a classic Mini Cooper body. INSTAGRAM POST BY SCOOPYSANDCREAM
That's a furnace, in case you're wondering. INSTAGRAM POST BY THISGUYHERE86
A coffee table made out of a mangled alloy wheel. INSTAGRAM POST BY WALDRON_AUTO_PHOTOGRAPHY
This Caltex lubricant tin elegantly provides shade for a table lamp. INSTAGRAM POST BY CAR_FURNITURE
OMG! Volkswagen Kombi fans would definitely freak out. INSTAGRAM POST BY DAVEHASANEWINSTA
Do you have a Ferrari 250 body just lying around in your backyard? Get the boot lid and turn it into a desk. INSTAGRAM POST BY RIVIERAAUTOBODY
You can always repurpose Alfa Romeo seats, you know. INSTAGRAM POST BY VW_AD_VAN_TURE
Want some serious garage vibe in the bathroom? INSTAGRAM POST BY CARCULTURE.CA
It looks a bit wobbly and fragile, but who cares? It's your table. INSTAGRAM POST BY GARAGE_PROJECT.RU
BBS wheels look good not only inside your car's wheel wells. INSTAGRAM POST BY CAR_CRAZZY
The Chevy pickup tailgate rocks, but the beer bottle opener is the killer feature of this bench. INSTAGRAM POST BY STRATHIESGARAGE
We'd get drunk much faster if the bar looked like this. Because we'd keep coming back. INSTAGRAM POST BY CORVAIRSTAN
Of course...a piston lamp. Car guys are truly some of the most imaginative people in the world. INSTAGRAM POST BY CAVEMAN_INDUSTRIES