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Autodromo launches the Ford GT wristwatch line

Featuring a meca-quartz chronograph in 5 vibrant liveries

Wear this watch while you save up for a Ford GT. PHOTO FROM AUTODROMO

If you like both wristwatches and cars, I’m willing to bet one of my cheap Seiko 5 timepieces that you’ve heard of the brand Autodromo—an American watch company founded in 2011 by some New York-based car guy named Bradley Price. In just a few years’ time, they’ve churned out a handful of affordable driver’s watches that never fail to catch the attention of horology-obsessed petrolheads, including the Prototipo Chronograph, the Stradale, the Group B and the Monoposto Chronograph.

And now, the boutique watch company has released an officially licensed line of Ford GT timepieces. The line basically consists of just one 40mm meca-quartz chronograph model that is available in five exciting colorways.

The Autodromo Ford GT endurance chronograph with the Ford Racing Stripes. PHOTOS FROM AUTODROMO

The flagship livery is, of course, the Ford Racing Stripes, famously seen on Mustangs, Cobras, GT40s and a host of other Blue Oval race cars. The watch—which comes in a gorgeous presentation box that’s collectible in itself—is powered by Seiko’s VK64 meca-quartz movement, which is essentially a hybrid of a battery-operated quartz timekeeping motor and a mechanical chronograph module. Water-resistant to 50m, this sporty Autodromo model features a stainless-steel case, a domed sapphire crystal, 20mm-wide lugs and a genuine leather strap with a signed buckle.

The cool presentation box is also worth preserving. PHOTO FROM AUTODROMO

Besides the Ford Racing Stripes, four other liveries are available: Le Mans 2016, Le Mans Blue, Heritage ’66 and Heritage ’67. My personal pick is the Le Mans Blue. I hope it’s as handsome up close as it is in photographs.

The Le Mans 2016 (left) and the Heritage '67. PHOTOS FROM AUTODROMO
The Heritage '66 (left) and the Le Mans Blue. PHOTOS FROM AUTODROMO

The Autodromo Ford GT endurance chronograph is priced at $695 (P36,000) apiece. If you want to purchase one, best to have it delivered to a relative or a friend in the US, where the company ships to customers free of charge. Also, the Philippines is still currently not included in the list of Asian countries Autodromo ships to.

I hope to see one soon. I’ve been very curious about meca-quartz hybrids, and a motoring-inspired watch would be a convenient excuse to study the mechanism.

Vernon B. Sarne

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