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Do you want a Casio Edifice to go with your Honda Civic Type R?

The ECB-S100HR is inspired by the Championship White paint job

The ECB-S100HR is decked out in Honda's signature white paint job. PHOTO FROM CASIO

Did you know that the famous “Championship White” color that adorns many Honda Type R vehicles came from the Honda RA271? This is the first-ever Japanese vehicle to enter a Formula 1 race. Despite competing only three times during the 1964 season, the car essentially kicked off a storied motorsports program for the company.

The RA271 was dressed up in a simple cream white body with a red rising sun on the nose. This iconic design is what inspired the designers at Casio to make the Edifice ECB-S100HR Honda Racing Championship White Edition chronograph (what a mouthful).

The RA271 is the first Japanese Formula 1 car. PHOTO FROM HONDA

You can find the authentic Championship White paint on the dial’s outer ring, while the inset dial and pushers have red accents. On the sapphire crystal, there’s a printed checkered-flag graphic that is a reference to Honda’s many motorsport victories. Lastly, the included leather strap is finished in the same two-tone, white-and-red finish as the RA271. It comes with a black cloth strap if you prefer a more discreet appearance.

Other than that, it has all the bells and whistles you’ve come to expect from an Edifice watch. It’s a lightweight watch—coming in at 76g—with a 46mm stainless-steel case that’s 9.8mm thin. It is waterproof up to 100m.

The checkered flags signify Honda's successes in various motorsport disciplines. PHOTO FROM CASIO

It’s solar-powered, has a powerful LED backlight, and can connect to a phone via Bluetooth so you can adjust the correct time from over 300 cities around the world using the Edifice Connected app. It also has a “Time & Place” function that allows you to record your current date, time and position on a map (which you view from the app) by just pressing a button on the watch. And there’s an indicator found at the nine-o’clock position for the alarm or target time.

You can have this Edifice with a choice of straps. PHOTO FROM CASIO

This watch currently retails for ¥46,200 (P21,000) on Casio’s website. Unfortunately, it’s a limited-edition timepiece, so you’ll have to act fast if you want to snag one for yourself. And while you’re at it, maybe get some matching vintage-look Honda F1 shirt as well.

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