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The Sony Vision-S is already being tested on actual roads

Would you trust this brand to design and make a motor vehicle?

Not sure what the camouflage is for; this was already shown last year. PHOTO FROM SONY

A year ago, Sony surprised everyone at CES (otherwise known as Consumer Electronics Show) by announcing a concept car, the Vision-S. Most people thought that this sleek-looking prototype would never materialize as an actual car, especially considering the pandemic shortly after.

Fortunately, the car is both alive and kicking, and it soon may be closer to an actual production vehicle with the amount of development it is receiving.

Which specific angle of the car do you like the most? PHOTOS FROM SONY

Persevering through the year, the team poured thousands of hours’ worth of R&D, with a prototype having been completed in December 2020. Specifications haven’t been finalized, but among the few changes made were seven additional sensors for autonomous driving, bumping up the total amount of sensors on the car to 40.

Designers and engineers are serious about perfecting the car. PHOTOS FROM SONY

Sony has been testing the EV on public roads around Europe, and the company is planning to conduct more road tests in other regions in the coming few months.

Can Sony compete with the likes of Tesla and the Chinese? PHOTOS FROM SONY

From what we’re seeing, we think that this car is targeted at the younger generation of buyers, but only the final product will show if this holds true.

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