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Have you seen the vehicles of ‘Grand Theft Auto VI’?

From returning cars to new names, get ready to drive around Vice City in 2025


Grand Theft Auto is one of the most popular video game franchises of all time—up there with Mario and Call of Duty—thanks to its open-world sandbox style where anyone (18 years old and above) can do whatever their heart desires, especially driving fast on fictitious public roads. The fifth game was released in 2013, with more than 190 million copies sold worldwide.

After almost a decade since the last mainline release (and a year since leaked development footage was spread online), Rockstar Games finally released the first trailer for GTA VI. Needless to say, everyone is hyped.

Welcome back to Vice City. IMAGES FROM ROCKSTAR GAMES

Grand Theft Auto VI will take place in Vice City, Leonida, primarily inspired by Miami, Florida. The new entry will follow Lucia, the franchise’s first female lead protagonist, in a Bonnie and Clyde-style storyline that has yet to see the light of day.

The fictitious state was last seen in 2002 in GTA: Vice City for PlayStation 2, original Xbox, and PC, set in the 1980s to pay homage to movies and shows like Scarface and Miami Vice.

Every facet of car culture, whether good or bad, has been faithfully (or satirically) recreated. IMAGES FROM ROCKSTAR GAMES

Outside of casual gamers, car enthusiasts enjoy playing GTA for the diverse list of vehicles, ranging from regular hatchbacks and crossovers, supercars, and SUVs to law enforcement and tactical machines, and how the game’s vehicle designers blend different real-world cars to create one made-up model.

The trailer for GTA VI didn’t disappoint fans who meticulously scanned it frame-by-frame to spot familiar and new-to-the-franchise cars.

The Schyster PMP makes a return from 'GTA IV', now named as the PMP 700 and primarily based on the Chrysler 300. IMAGES FROM ROCKSTAR GAMES AND CHRYSLER
It wouldn't be an American setting without the Ford Crown Victoria, known in-universe as a Vapid Stainer. IMAGES FROM ROCKSTAR GAMES AND FORD
'GTA' isn't all about flashy exotics, as this supermini debuts in this game, combining the Chevrolet Sonic and the Toyota Corolla. IMAGES FROM ROCKSTAR GAMES, CHEVROLET AND TOYOTA
Other new vehicles spotted were a Ram Heavy Duty and Audi Q7 lookalikes. IMAGES FROM ROCKSTAR GAMES, RAM AND AUDI
Even Florida state police cars were given the 'GTA' treatment. IMAGES FROM ROCKSTAR GAMES, BROWARD SHERIFF AND FHP JACKSONVILLE
Vehicles from 'GTA V' and 'GTA Online' make a return to Vice City—hopefully without the hefty in-game price tags. IMAGES FROM ROCKSTAR GAMES
You cannot have a game set in a fictitious Miami without a fictitious Ferrari Testarossa (aka the Grotti Cheetah Classic). IMAGE FROM ROCKSTAR GAMES

Grand Theft Auto VI is set for a 2025 release date, a roughly two-year waiting period for players to get their hands on the anticipated game on PlayStation 5 and Xbox Series S and X first. Which car are you excited to hop back into (or steal off the streets)?

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