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Ferrari will now sell a hyper-expensive Le Mans race car

It’s called the 499P Modificata, and it costs €5,100,000

You don't need to be a professional driver to own this. But you will need to be extremely rich and well-connected. PHOTO FROM FERRARI

Have you ever wanted to drive a real Le Mans-style race car just for fun? Are you a gentleman racer with a huge bank balance? If you answered yes to those questions, then Ferrari would like to hear from you. The Italians have just created the ultimate speed machine for wealthy private clients, and it’s based on the Le Mans-winning 499P prototype racer.

Apart from blowing your socks off on the track, it may also leave you gasping for air when you hear the price. Called the 499P Modificata, this sleek hypercar will set you back a cool €5,100,000 excluding sales tax, or P307,000,000 in local coin. And that’s if Ferrari will even sell you one.

The 499P Modificata isn't restricted by the rules of Le Mans. PHOTOS FROM FERRARI

The company has a history of being very selective about the people it gives its most exclusive toys to, and the 499P Modificata will be no different. If you already bought numerous prancing horses in the past, then you’re probably in with a shot, and what you will get for your money likely won’t disappoint.

This modified version, just like the Le Mans racer, is a single-seater and the interior looks cozy, to say the least. The chassis and the body panels are made entirely of carbon fiber, and it comes with a huge spoiler lip at the front and a sizable air scoop on top of the cabin. A rear wing the size of a dinner table combined with two Venturi tunnels should also make this thing stick harder to the tarmac than a super-glued climate activist.

One angle isn't enough to appreciate the beauty of a Le Mans race car. PHOTOS FROM FERRARI

It needs good aerodynamics as the force this beast puts onto the road is another level. The hybrid powertrain can unleash up to 860hp if it needs to, generated by a mid-mounted 3.0-liter V6 turbocharged petrol engine and an electric front axle. The latter can be activated at any speed now, and not just above 190km/h as is the case under Le Mans rules.

This means that you could, in theory, drive even faster than the actual race car that won around the famous Circuit de la Sarthe. During normal driving, the car generates around 700hp, but if you need that extra little bit of oomph to overtake someone, then a “Push to Pass” system will give you maximum power for a short period of time.

The cockpit is similar to the one in the Le Mans Hypercar. PHOTOS FROM FERRARI

The 499P Modificata isn’t road-legal as it’s a track-only car for noncompetitive use. But if you now think that storing it in your own garage and simply driving it down at the local track on Sundays is the best you can do with it, then you’ll be in for a surprise: Ferrari is organizing a special Sport Prototipi Clienti program, where you can join other wealthy speed freaks on proper racetracks around the world.

The company will take care of everything, from getting the car to the event to providing mechanics. These track days for the super-rich will start in 2024, but if Ferrari hasn’t called you yet to offer you a 499P Modificata, then you’re probably not taking part. Keep on buying cars from Maranello and hope for better luck next time.

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