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Lamborghini and Tod’s team up for some fancy footwear

Looking for a pair of Italian shoes to go with your supercar?

Do you need a pair of kicks to match your Lamborghini? PHOTO FROM LAMBORGHINI

After Porsche, Nissan, Ferrari, and Bugatti, it’s now Lamborghini’s turn to collaborate with a famous shoemaker for some fashionable footwear. The supercar firm has teamed up with fellow Italian brand Tod’s for a men’s and women’s collection that consists of two models, the Gommino and the Sneakers, finished in colors inspired by the two brands.

So, which color would you choose? PHOTOS FROM LAMBORGHINI

You could just call the Gommino a fancy loafer, but that would be like calling a Lambo just a car. Italiansand certainly the ones behind this productprefer the term driving shoe,” and the model has pretty much defined Tod’s as a brand.

It goes without saying that these motoring moccasins aren’t just assembled on some high-volume production line in China, but instead benefit from fine Italian craftsmanship. High-quality leather is cut and stitched by hand, and the resulting foot cover can be yours for around €650 (or P40,000).

What a way to show off your loyalty to the brand. PHOTOS FROM TOD'S

If you just want some fancy kicks, then the second model might be more for you. Tod’s Sneakers come in four different colors, featuring a rubber sole and the rubber pebbles on the heel that the brand is famous for.

Also made in Italy, they come with Tod’s and Lamborghini logos embossed on them so everyone around you knows that you spent €690 (or P42,000) to look stylish while out on the town.

If you now fancy your own pair, then head over to this site to check them out. Sadly, it seems there is not currently a shipping option listed for the Philippines, but we’re quite sure that some of the posh shops in Makati or BGC will stock them to keep local fashionistas and sneakerheads happy.

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